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  1. hehe i guess most people have jumped ships
  2. After posting this video in GTAStunting.com and getting great ratings I thought I'd post it here, for the people here that might enjoy VC Stunt videos. Editing was done by Daffy and the stunters are: BloodyHook Brainkiller Daffy Kabanchik Lord Peres Neo NightKnight Nitzkit WEREWOLF It was great to be part of a stunt video which has so many great stunters. Here it is Aetas (megaupload link) 145mbs Aetas (TGA link) 145mbs Aetas (Low Quality, in TGA) 46mbs - I don't recommend this version due to the quality, but if you are a 56ker, go for it. cheers!
  3. maybe i should have put "ATS" in the title, would have brought in more replies, HAHA! anyways, thanks guys! Heh, now you know you're not that popular eh? not more than ATS itself
  4. maybe i should have put "ATS" in the title, would have brought in more replies, HAHA! anyways, thanks guys!
  5. OutLaws - TGA OutLaws - (RapidShare) Filesize: 79 079 kb (75 megabytes) Length: 04:51 (4 minutes & 51 seconds) Codec: WMV Intro music: Inner Circle - Bad Boys Main music: Linkin Park - Don't Stay Credits music: Tupac Shakur - Changes Stunters: Daf-Fy!, Nitzkit Editing: Nitzkit
  6. Nitzkit

    ATS - Mut8tion

    I was already pissed off when I posted, must have taken it out here, I didn't read the "not".... apologies But do understand that it only happens on this forum....some one always comes around and says some dumbass stuff. and the IGN forums were even worst
  7. Nitzkit

    ATS - Mut8tion

    wtf are you a f.ucking moron, im tired of this shi.t over in this forum, you can kiss my f.ucking ass you little shi.t, check my PS2 videos and THEN say something you f.ucking n00b ass mother f.ucker! Go to GTAStunting.com/forums ya prick and learn something ----- Thanks for the reply's guys (the people who are actually normal)
  8. Nitzkit

    ATS - Mut8tion

    It has finally arrived. Many changes have been happening to ATS since you last saw our last video. Hagz left, but now we bring in 2 new members that should bring new light into ATS. welcome, Samurai and Lord Peres B) Without me keeping on blabering here is.... Mut8tion - FF Mut8tion - TGA
  9. o_O wtf, put the drugs down man....
  10. omg that thing is awesome. we all know those stunts are easy as shit, but its so cool to see something different, and if the real guys that do those stunts were to do some in this vid, they'd be dead
  11. Nitzkit

    ATS - Apparition

    I can't believe we would still get this "cheating" shit so late in the game .....lmao go to GTAStunting.com and learn the facts or shut up. The "lonely mod" is a mod i made to remove the pedestrians and cars from the streets in VC or LC when you are stunting. There is no need for them since all they do is get in the way.
  12. Nitzkit

    ATS - Apparition

    i can do it in the PS2! ..... I love how we all mod and actually don't try these stunts a million times.
  13. A Collaboration Stunt Video Between ATS members (ZeroX and myself) Full of cool stunts performed in VC and LC. Hope you enjoy it Mutuality @ TGA Mutuality @ FileFront
  14. indeed it is an awesome video, great work as I said in gtastunting.com
  15. Nitzkit

    ATS - Boost

    Been a while in coming, but here it is - the ATS crew's cab vid... Boost Just a note, something weird happened in the render, and the volume is a little lower than usual, so just crank up the volume a touch. Thanks to all the lads for contributing their stunts. We hope you all enjoy it. Boost - Low Res Thanks to Kaneda for editing.
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