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Found 9 results

  1. Nem szeretném az egész scriptet iderakni, ezért csak azt a részt, ahol írja a debugscript, hogy nem jó. A hibaüzenet pedig a cím, vagyis: attempt to call global 'attemptRegister' (a nil value) -- Kliens function execRegister() local empty = false; for i, data in ipairs(accountData[2]) do if (data == "") then empty = true; break; end end if not (empty) then if (string.len(accountData[2][1]) >= 3) then if (string.len(accountData[2][2]) >= 3) then if (string.len(accountData[2][3]) >= 7) then attemptRegister("attemptRegister", resourceRoot, accountData[2][1], hash("sha512", accountData[2][2]), accountData[2][3]); else serverResponse("shortEmail"); end end else serverResponse("shortPassword"); end else serverResponse("shortUsername"); end if (empty) then serverResponse("emptyFields"); end end -- Szerver addEvent("attemptRegister", true); addEventHandler("attemptRegister", resourceRoot, function (un, pass, email) if not (isPlayerBanned) then local qh = dbQuery(con, "SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE username=? OR email=?", un, email); local user = dbPoll(qh, 500); if (user) then if not (#user > 0) then dbExec(con, "INSERT INTO accounts SET username=?, password=?, email=?", un, pass, email); triggerClientEvent(client, "accountServerResponse", resourceRoot, "registerSucces"); else triggerClientEvent(client, "accountServerResponse", resourceRoot, "existingAccount"); end else triggerClientEvent(client, "accountServerResponse", resourceRoot, "unknownError"); end else triggerClientEvent(client, "accountServerResponse", resourceRoot, "playerBanned"); end end );
  2. function isPlayerBanned(player) if (player) then local serial = getPlayerSerial(player); local qh = dbQuery(con, "SELECT * FROM bans WHERE serial=? AND expiration > CURRENT_TIME()", serial); local bans = dbPoll(qh, 500); if (bans) then if (#bans > 0) then return true; else return false; end else return false; end else return false; end end The script always gives me true, even if i replace that one true with false
  3. Ola pessoal, sou novo no blog mas estou fazendo um server freeroam e queria uma ajuda para colocar um limite de contas registradas por serial ja tentei algumas funções mas ate agora nada, pfv me ajudem preciso muito dessa função funcionando no painel de login codigo server: addEvent("onRequestLogin",true) addEventHandler("onRequestLogin",resourceRoot, function(username,password,checksave) if not (username == "") then if not (password == "") then local account = getAccount ( username, password ) if ( account ~= false ) then logIn(client,account,password) triggerClientEvent (client,"onClientPlayerLogin",resourceRoot) if checksave and checksave == "1" then triggerClientEvent(client,"useLoginFile",resourceRoot,"set",username,password) else triggerClientEvent(client,"useLoginFile",resourceRoot,"remove",username,password) end else triggerClientEvent(client,"setNotification",resourceRoot,"Errado Nome De Usuário Ou Senha!") end else triggerClientEvent(client,"setNotification",resourceRoot,"Por Favor, Digite Sua Senha!") end else triggerClientEvent(client,"setNotification",resourceRoot,"Digite Seu Nome De Usuário!") end end ) addEvent("onRequestRegister",true) addEventHandler("onRequestRegister",resourceRoot, function(username,password,repassword,serial) if #getAccountsBySerial(serial) == 2 then triggerClientEvent(client,"setNotification",resourceRoot,"Voce Ja Tem 2 Contas Registradas Nesse Serial!") else addAccount() if not (username == "") then if not (password == "") then if not (repassword == "") then if password == repassword then local account = getAccount (username) if (account == false) then local accountAdded = addAccount(tostring(username),tostring(password)) if (accountAdded) then logIn(client,accountAdded,password) triggerClientEvent(client,"onClientPlayerLogin",resourceRoot) triggerClientEvent(client,"useLoginFile",resourceRoot,"set",username,password) outputChatBox("*Logado Com Sucesso! ( Nome de Usuário: #ee8a11" .. username .. " #FFFFFF| Senha: #ee8a11" .. password .. "#FFFFFF )",client,255,255,255,true) else triggerClientEvent(client,"setNotification",resourceRoot,"Por Favor, Escolha Uma Conta E/Ou Senha Diferente") end else triggerClientEvent(client,"setNotification",resourceRoot,"Uma Conta Com Esse Nome De Usuario Ja Existe!") end else triggerClientEvent(client,"setNotification",resourceRoot,"As Senhas Não Coincidem!") end else triggerClientEvent(client,"setNotification",resourceRoot,"Por Favor, Confirme Sua Senha!") end else triggerClientEvent(client,"setNotification",resourceRoot,"Por Favor, Insira Uma Senha Para Criar Sua Nova Conta!") end else triggerClientEvent(client,"setNotification",resourceRoot,"Por Favor, Insira Um Nome De Usuario Para Criar Sua Conta!") end end end ) Erro dado no console: https://imgur.com/a/JlBwzt9 PFV ME AJUDEM ESTOU CRIANDO UM SERVER DE FREEROAM!
  4. Login System Some Images of GUI: https://puu.sh/sJnRg/2928be4ec3.png https://puu.sh/sJnTw/cb57d4b9ce.png Features: Uses External MySQL Database for register/login Logs in user to MTA System if account exist. It is opensource Installation: Configure your database configurations in server.lua Export database.sql to your selected database. Add this resource to your ACL's admin group and boom! Finished! You can start the script and connect to the server! Download Links MTA Community Resource: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=13930 Exports: -- To Be Updated.. exports.login:getPlayerUsername(player) -- Gets Player Username.
  5. Hi, I want to know what is the mass of the mta server. Player using /register Oi, Eu queria saber onde fica os logins e register dos players, Qual pasta. Dos players que usou /register
  6. Greetings People! I have a little problem with my Login Panel, because if i click on the Register button then nothing happens. I just tested my MySQL connection too , but its shows that the Connection is good and nothing comes out in the Debugscript either. If anyone can help me with this then Thank you! --Here is the Code for the Register function Server Side function registerReq(player, username, password, email) local password = md5(password) local regQuery = dbPoll(dbQuery(connection, "SELECT * FROM accounts"),-1) if regQuery then for _, rows in ipairs(regQuery) do if rows["username"] == username then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification(player,"Ezzel a felhasználóval már regisztráltak!", "error") return end if rows["serial"] == getPlayerSerial(source) then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification(player,"Az adott Serial már regisztrálva van!", "error") return end insertinfo = dbExec(connection, "INSERT INTO accounts SET username = ?, password = ?, ip = ?, serial = ?, email = ?, banned='0', online='0', regdate=NOW()", username, password, getPlayerIP(source), getPlayerSerial(source), email, banned, online, regdate) if insertinfo then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification(player,"Sikeres regisztráció!", "success") else exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification(player,"Valami hiba történt, keress fel egy fejlesztöt!", "error") end end end end addEvent("registerReq", true) addEventHandler("registerReq", getRootElement(), registerReq) -- This is the code for Client Side function regregisterClick(button, state) if button == "left" and state == "down" then if source == regregbutton then if string.len(DGS:dgsGetText(reguseredit)) < 5 then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification("A felhasználónév minimum 5 karakterböl kell állnia!", "error") return end if string.len(DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit)) < 6 then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification("A jelszó minimum 6 karakterböl kell állnia!", "error") return end if DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit) ~= DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit2) then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification("A két megadott jelszó nem egyezik!", "error") return end if string.len(DGS:dgsGetText(regmailedit)) < 7 then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification("Az email cím minimum 7 karakterböl kell állnia!", "error") return end if not string.find(DGS:dgsGetText(regmailedit), "@") and string.find(DGS:dgsGetText(regmailedit), ".") then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification("Kérlek adj meg egy érvényes email címet!", "error") return end if DGS:dgsGetText(reguseredit) == "" and DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit) == "" and DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit2) == "" and DGS:dgsGetText(regmailedit) == "" then exports.vmInfoBox:addNotification("Ne hagyd üresen a mezöket!", "error") end triggerServerEvent("registerReq", localPlayer, localPlayer, DGS:dgsGetText(reguseredit),DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit),DGS:dgsGetText(regpasswedit2),DGS:dgsGetText(regmailedit)) end end end addEventHandler("onDgsMouseClick", getRootElement(), regregisterClick)
  7. i have a loginpanel, and i added this lines: time = getTickCount() x = 1000 y = 200 z = 20 function anim() x = x+0.31 y = y+0.32 setCameraMatrix(x,y,z, 0, 0, 0) if (getTickCount() - time >= 5000) then removeEventHandler("onClientPreRender", getRootElement(), anim) end end addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", getRootElement(), anim) but when i log in, how to set camera to the player? because when i login, the loginpanel disappear, and the camera stay there sorry for my bad english :c
  8. function registerPlayer(username,password,passwordConfirm) if not (username == "") then if not (password == "") then if not (passwordConfirm == "") then if password == passwordConfirm then local account = getAccount (username,password) if (account == false) then local accountAdded = addAccount(tostring(username),tostring(password)) if (accountAdded) then outputChatBox ("#FF0000* #00FF00You have sucessfuly registered! [Username: #FFFFFF" .. username .. " #00FF00| Password: #FFFFFF" .. password .. "#00FF00 ]",source,255,255,255,true ) else triggerClientEvent(source,"set_warning_text",getRootElement(),"Register","An unknown error has occured! Please choose a different username/password and try again.") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"set_warning_text",getRootElement(),"Register","An account with this username already exists!") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"set_warning_text",getRootElement(),"Register","Passwords do not match!") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"set_warning_text",getRootElement(),"Register","Please confirm your password!") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"set_warning_text",getRootElement(),"Register","Please enter a password!") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"set_warning_text",getRootElement(),"Register","Please enter a username you would like to register with!") end end addEvent("onRequestRegister",true) addEventHandler("onRequestRegister",getRootElement(),registerPlayer) wheni press the register key the debug says that the resource can't add account as in : local accountAdded = addAccount(tostring(username),tostring(password))
  9. DarkxD


    Hallo, please help me!
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