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  1. I kept up to date with the MTA Resources on the Google Code page. It seems to have stopped at the r490 release. Did it move or are there just no updates lately?
  2. Is it possible to remove the Play Again option from the VoteMap? If so, how? Because it gets really annoying when a map is played at least 4-5 times in a row.
  3. i dont know to what/where i need to edit, to find that. possibly point me in the right direction?
  4. how do i go about removing the Race Rank and Checkpoint columns?
  5. what and where do i need to add/change to add this function?
  6. Would it be possible to add & change multiple colors for the blips, instead of having everyone be the same color. Plus, i've noticed they only change to the colored blip after a respawn, is it possible to have them colored all the time?
  7. i've tried using a custom vehiclecolor.conf, didn't like it after awhile, so i changed back a stock file. but now it seems there is some odd color changes that appear when respawning, how can i get it back to normal again? another question i have is about the setcolor feature. i have changed all the setcolor lines in my acl file to false, and people are still able to change colors by using the /sc command, is it possible to completely disable it?
  8. i know this an old topic, but if anyone has this or a current link to it, it would be greatly appreciated. especially the Linux version
  9. useless1


    i dont think that dll will work for me, as my host uses Linux.
  10. useless1


    IRCEcho... I have tried it. According to my server log, it loads with no errors, but it seems to never enter my irc channel. SebasIRC... I'd like to try it, but I don't see a download link for it anywhere. The link on the wiki page just goes to their google code page.
  11. Aeron, that still doesn't seem to work for Quit on Quit still gives me this error in the status window... #: Unknown command
  12. on *:PART:#: { /mta.text 1 $nick left IRC. } on *:JOIN:#: { /mta.text 1 $nick joined IRC. } on *:QUIT:#: { /mta.text 1 $nick quit IRC. } Join & Part are working. but Quit gives me this error in the status window... #: Unknown command
  13. not sure what i did wrong at first, but lil Toady... the one you gave me is working now. ty now if i could get it to let me know when someone joins/parts/quit IRC, into the game chat.
  14. @CoZ /mta.text 1 blaat that does work @lil Toady that didnt work, and gave me "ON Unknown command" in the irc status window.
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