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  1. Well, i just installed the gam so i wouldnt know what it woud be. IT only lets me in Cheating alowed servers. In all the others it just says that Client Verification Failed.
  2. This is really pssing me off. When ever i try to play mta i get an error and it says that it requires v1 to play. Now i dont have version 1 i have version 2. Infact they dont even sell v1 anymore. So i downloaded a version 1.exe, but it was a no cd crack so it took me as cheating and i cant access normal servers.with it. What do i do?
  3. well, where can i do all these changes? "1. Turn off DHCP on the router for the local, or LAN, side. 2. On the WAN or internet side you should still have DHCP and DNS etc. turned on. 3. On the router's internal side create a range for IP addresses. 4. On your local PC's set up to use a static IP, use something from the range you created on the router (IP and subnet mask). For DNS use the router's internal ip address (usually or something similar)"
  4. sry 4 the double post, but its been 2 days and no reply
  5. Can i do all that here? ( This is just to show u the page. Not point to anything specificly ) PS: Jani, u dont have to read it. You just have to be able to see the differnce in between the Static IP page and the Obtain an Automatic IP.
  6. Uhh, i made a new topic about my problem, here it is. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p= ... 09c#224160 Just answer it in there...
  7. Ok, im using this tut http://www.portforward.com/english/rout ... ftAuto.htm If u scroll down at the bottom ull see u need to enter this | Application | | Start | End | Protocol | Ip Address | | Enabled | MultiTheftAuto1 2003 2003 BOTH 192.168.1.*** YES ( You'll see that at the bottom, so i went there in Internet Explorer ( i enterd 192.1.1 in the Address bar ), then i enterd teh password it gave me, then went to Applications and Gaming and Enterd everything as it said, BUT the Application part where u have to enter MultiTheftAuto1 You cant do that! It doesnt let me type that big of a word! i copied and pasted MultiTheftAuto1 into the Application box and i go this MultiTh ( Thats as far as it lets me type!!! ) WTF?! I also have another question... Since u have to setup a Static IP( Which i did by going to the Properties section of my internet connection ) so i set that up then whent to where im having problems for the first question, but before i went to Applications and Gaming ( In Setup )I saw the same thing i did in the properties section of my internet connection. It said Obtain an Ip Automaticly. so do i have to switch that to Static Ip and enter my IP, DNS Server, Subnet Mask, ect? or no? Also i have another computer upstaris running off the same modem. do i have to Portforward that and set it to a Static Ip also?
  8. sry or the double post, but its been about a day and no reply...
  9. well, i went here http://www.portforward.com/english/rout ... ftAuto.htm to to do it, but what im not sure is why do u need a static ip? when i set up my static ip i couldnt join ANY servers avalible!! so i put it back on a automatic ip and skipped that step and did everything else. would that have everything to do with it? If it does have to do with the fact that i dont have a static ip setup then how am i suppose to join servers?!?! ( unless i didnt do it right, which im pretty sure i did...)
  10. Ok, i think a good feature for the Map editor is an option to make it so u can select up to as many objects as u want by holding shift and clicking differnt objects or something. this would be useful when making loops, or ramps, or sky roads so u dont have to place each and every piece over and over again. EX: It took me 30 mintues to make half of my Sky Road! ______________________________ The Sky road ^ ______________________________ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ( i selected the whole thing i just made ) ____________________________________________________________ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ( i just hit F9 and i doubled my project yay! that saved me soooo much time!!! )
  11. Your link takes me to a login page, what should I login with? i would also like to know this....
  12. Ok, i was able to connec to my server, thanks, but now when u say Open Ports? do u mean Port-forwarding? Becuse i did that ( i think i did it right..) Also back to my problem of people being able to see my Server in the browse server menu. now i remember someone saying that i wouldnt be able to see it becuse im on the same computer as the server is on, but that i would be able to see my IP at the bottom as an," Unscanned," server...i dont see my ip. and my freind ( who cant connect to my server ) cant see my server name in the browse server menu either so..what do i do about this?
  13. wow i did screw up that sentence! lol, but i gave my freind my ip, i told him to put n 22003 for the port and no password. it didnt work..It said Connection Timed Out. SO i tried it....it ALSO said connection timed out for me. now im using v1.1.1 and so is my freind. so bfore i upgraded i use to type in stewie for the Host name and 22003 for the port and it connected to my sever. so i upgraded and after i tried all this ip stuff. It didnt work for either me nor my my freind so i tried typing in stewie in teh host name and it didnt work any more...it said connection time out! ......wtf? PS: Heres a pick of my sever start up screne if it helps.. So, does anything look out of the ordinary in the pic? or is it fine?
  14. o, i see now. so my freind would have to put in teh IP, but i can out in one of the two to connect?
  15. well, on mine. it only gives 3 things to fill in. Host name ( Now is that what u mean to where u put ur IP? becuse my Host name of my computer is stewie and i put that in there and it connects to my sevrer... ) Port, and password ( if u want to one ) I dont know what that gamma thing in in the Host box. thats not the name i use. that was just there...
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