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  1. Hey i like drifting too... When you done the map tell me and i will test the map
  2. Damiska a dude allrady show us in a video that some intems can be moved and fall down... we only need a gun that can pull up intems like Cars and other stuff .... and a menu that spwam Props... we only need the gravity gun.... and i think it can pe done... (If you now that Big Magnet that pulls up Cars and Crash them we can take that script and put it on ower gun.... And i really loking for a team that can help me with this project becouse MTA allrady made A nice Menu that can make your own map and other Intersting Things... I think i will wait MTA:DM and after it will be done i will start working on this Garrys Mod for GTA....
  3. orderph can i see some screenshots with the mod ... but real ones ?or the mod is dead?
  4. Yeah i see a pic in random image i can't wait any more i whant to kill some Noobs im bored of gta rumble
  5. No man i will like to create a new spwam point for CJ when im in single player when i start new game the first move At the airport and the cops who arrest me and lave me in that balls hood. I will like to lave me in Cj house afteer the move not in that place where can i find in main.scm to change the create_player at (coords)..Have u understant me now ?
  6. Hy i have a problem i whant to delete the first move when i'm enter in new game and i will like a new spwam point i whant to spwam in cj house.With my player i need a scripit i have open the main.scm with mission builder but i haven't see somthing like player crate point at (coords) can sombody help me ?
  7. Oke but where can i get those complier or source ..... this is the problem..i whan't to fix the bugs and add cars and player spawm spots..... i don't whana put scripts in server inc ..... i need to make some modifications... who do you work on gta Rumble ? i have post there to some topics about my problem .......
  8. jax come one man i need to find becouse e frend of mine has help me but he just go to spania to work there im frome romania and here many peopel are pure one ........... and he left me but i need to work on .......... plase let talk on privat or a chat somwere i now u are working on gta rumble u are the Moderator plase ............
  9. Man u don't understant me! i have created a new mod not mta i whant to make my own multiplayer and i have some bugs and that is the problem i have some bugs and i whant to repair it some moderator or sombody plase help me i whant only to become moderator and nobody helps me ( that is the problem ...... i need just one program to open it ....
  10. Hy i have creted my own multiplayer for san andreas i can play onli one lan with my frend but i whant to put some cars and to put some Player Spams some where in maps and i whant to open this file d3d9.dll to change some setings and many more things becouse i have bugs and i whant to fix them all or some of those bugs can sombody help me plase what program can i use to oppen it (sorry for the english)
  11. Hy i have a problem or somthing like this i see a few servers with the map in Liberty City ... that pice of man where can i get one and to make my own race mod in that pice of map frome liberty city ?? (sorry 4 the english)
  12. Aha oke, i wil try to find some maps..... Hey are you plaing GTA:MTA and wich server u play i will like to play with u Leviathan some MTA :D:D
  13. IF sombody has created his own world or city can u give them to me plase ...... or sombody i need to see some ideas becouse i dont now who to make a world of mine ( Plase help !
  14. ty 4 nothing i have search allll THE F"""" GOOOGLE and nothing
  15. Strepto i have the full version but i have instaled the demo mode and now dosen't work ( why ?? it dose't open ...... what is the problem ......HELP!!!
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