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  1. was that supposed to be HARD? lol
  2. If bitchpacking still works.. as many as you want? lol
  3. Heh, hes been begging me to give him the password to admin on my server
  4. I still play tribes 2, and sometimes I even play tribes 1..
  5. Play the early versions of MTA and judge for yourself
  6. in blue they will have allow_9x set to 1. (nah.. jk, I have no idea)
  7. Fishbulb

    [DA] recruiting !!!!!

    Yeah, and learn how to spell.. lol
  8. I'm pretty sure all of those ideas have been mentioned previously.. When MTA blue comes out, you'll be able to do that yourself! =)
  9. this has got to be the dumbest thread ever anyway.. I dont really care if we get any media or anything, I would rather the mta team spend their time working on the game than making videos.. Just get the damn game out soon! 8D
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