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  1. {VCL}Stewie3

    VCO Recruting

    Steve, you can chill at my server anytime... port 2005. Have fun!
  2. {VCL}Stewie3


    If I were to post the code in another script like Manhunt or RPG where would I put it?
  3. WHERE do I copy it too? I mean... what file do I edit and put it into?
  4. {VCL}Stewie3


    You know how on your script you can type !alarm 4 mins and an alarm goes for 4 mins? Could you tell me how to set the alarm for members?
  5. What is the edited for just members to use !rain !fog !sun or w/e?
  6. Really? Like Ctw or Manhunt?
  7. Woohoo, new member... name is {VCL}Gulk.. PM me for his stats from the clan test....
  8. heheh... I am god.. on my server and site see ya on the server later on tonight @()@
  9. Yall are both breaking the rules now... NO FLAMES Laughing but fishbulb I never asked to be banned... show the chat log and then I will believe you... *EDIT* Fishbulb I don't recruit any n00b that comes along... The co-leader tests them and then I test them if they pass... *EDIT* New Member {VCL}RONAN YES YOU HEARD IT, {VCL}RONAN
  10. good luck with your clan... PM me if you want a gangwar...
  11. Are you calling me or fishbulb a nub? If your calling fishbulb a nub then I agree
  12. Ugh What do you mean I was "jetpacking" ? I don't cheat... And I don't want fishbulb posting in this topic because he doesn't even know why one of his members was kicked from the clan which is kind of n00bish when I have more members than {NoV}... and my clan has only been up for 1 month.. LOL. anyways 2 new members added {VCL}Ryder and {VCL}SilenT. *edit* What kind of a name is "Fishbulb"? Sounds kinda sailor like to me... *edit* LOL he banned me from his server for just not being in the clan... ooh lol... He has to advertise his server lol...
  13. Uhh, no, TOCTRTU is still in my clan fishbulb... i don't cheat... and fishbulb, I wasn't kicked for "cheating" in your server... I was kicked for being in multiple clans... wow, im surprised someone with their own clan doesn't know why someone was kicked from it...I know how to spell feature... I didn't ask you for that.. I am the top speller in my class... I was kicked from the FKU clan because they thought I was "cheating" but I wasn't cheating... I already told the whole FKU clan what happened and they don't believe me.. here's the whole story... Story Okay, so I was in FKU playing near sunshine auto's and suddenly I saw a speed hacker on the map... I alerted the FKU members and they started spectating... the speed hacker had hit my car, then I went flying into the air from that hacker and then, while I was in the air.. one of the FKU admins had started spectating me. Then I was kicked from the clan and banned from the server... End Of Story And I am 13... NOT 12... *edit* hehe i guess fishbulb was right about toctrtu leaving lol oh well.. still got 11 members..
  14. what? lol, i didn't understand a word you just said..
  15. Lol thanks... [ACK]Blaze is the one who is in my clan aint that right blaze? Weell off to play MTA!!! ttyl hope some1 posts a reply to join...
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