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  1. You don't need to write your own code to read the files, there are plenty of libraries that do it for you. Check this http://www.amnoid.de/ddsview/download.html it has the source code as well.
  2. I actually rewrote your previous Map exporter to be able to do all this, only for myself. I made it to suit my needs but here are a few points you may find useful. I have since successfully lost half of it so can't send it to you. - Be careful when exporting instanced objects, you need to export the one that has zero rotation as well as offset. Otherwise all the other instances will not look correct - right click object > Object Properties > User defined. I used this to set various parameters. You can use it to track the custom objects. It's fairly straight forward. Select all you custom object, write something like custom = 1 to properties and when you export the map check all the various fields before exporting the dff, writing meta, etc. An example of how to use it check KAMS mapping tools, where he sets the object ID. - Your script exports with default dff parameters, you need to change it to export only with UV and vcol only that is this line: DFFout dffFile $selection false true true false 1.0 0x1803FFFF undefined 1 false; (This may be the correct version compare to your script) This way we have lighting on the objects and it saves on file size as it strips all the car/player atributes
  3. Ivan_xXx

    SKC Customs

    All the maps are converted of course. Would take for ever to model it all. Cars are partially us. They are made by other people who are credited, we then take then back into 3DS MAX, optimise them a lot so arent 5mb but rather 1 or 2. And one of our members made a program that make the cars handle and have the exact same collisions as the GTA counterpart. So yea a lot is done by us.
  4. Ivan_xXx

    SKC Customs

    Even though these are screenshots from max, the maps look exactly the same, if not better in-game. Btw lap record for nurburgring is 6.14 with our f1 car Donington Park
  5. Ivan_xXx

    SKC Customs

    Hi I am here to tell you a bit about the SKC server, this is not a clan introduction, just what we have done with our maps. We have got together and thought of numerous ways of making the racing part much much better and noob friendly. (the fail dd server seems to be doing good anyway). Most of our maps now use custom car models. These have been specially selected and optimised by us personally so as to 1. reduce the file size massively. And 2. Most importantly keep your fps high 3. We are also lucky to have a programming guru who made sure that the replacement cars handle *exactly* the same as the gta originals. As most cars are reused on mulltiple maps, you will only need to download them once. Typical car size is around 2-3mb Cntinuing on with the custom theme, thx to 50p's map exporter script we are now able to convert high quality maps from other games, such as toca race driver and otthers and play them in MTA. Just like with the cars, before being put into the game the maps are optimised first to accomodate users with weaker graphics. Typical custom map size 5-10mb. 15 for Nurburgring, but that's a monster. If you are hardcore racer, we do F1 races. These run on sundays and are very strict. Qualifying ponits and other stuff that happens in real F1 like crashes, i like those . The car has custom handling written for it so it handles really well. We have even introduced a choice between an automatic and manual gearbox! Pop in an see if you like it. We are open to any critisism over at http://www.teamskc.co.uk Thankyou, Here are a few screenshots of our maps, more to come : Monza Bathurst Spa Francorchamps Nurburgring Actual size reletive to GTA map F1 server Some of our modded cars
  6. Yeah man I find it very very helpful thx. Already converted some 7 maps from other games Including the full: -Nurburgring takes 7 minutes to complete on our F1 server! -spa-francochamps -Bathurst and others check them out on the SKC server Thx again http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/667/dsfcu.jpg[/img] http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/20/28160156.jpg[/img] http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/640/32943567.jpg[/img] http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/3670/88388483.jpg[/img] http://img691.imageshack.us/img691/7484/95274446.jpg[/img] http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/1867/98465799.jpg[/img] http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/3329/47521074.jpg[/img] http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/3043/33312254.jpg[/img] http://img691.imageshack.us/img691/7484/95274446.jpg[/img]
  7. hey dude, great stuff. Thx a lot. Is it possible to manually select the map location by typing in the co-ordinates? You've used the edittext tag in the script, but it only shows the coords, i cant edit those in the "choose location" window. i would like the map to be 5000 units to the right so it's at sea.
  8. make surte your firewall allows MTA to connect to the internet, sounds like a firewall is blocking a connection
  9. i have played this and can vouch for this, this is very kool, if you are looking for something new then this is the thing and about loads of ammo that just really depends on your own taste, i like the fact that i have 1000 sniper but then again you might think thats crap
  10. BUG - sometimes in team deatmatch the red countdown time is constantly up in the middle of the screen
  11. yea about the number pad thing, i have the same problem. i use a logitech mx5000 keyboard and that doesnt even have a num lock button lol its constantly on..
  12. no no plz do not do what sa-mp have done and banned the d3dx9.dll plz plz do not do that beacause loads of people including me use it to get windowed mode
  13. i go to a dumpster called the Warwick University http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/ and i can see that you know a lot about dumpsters my friend, please enlighten me as to how this came around, possibly you are in some dumpster buisness or is that your permanent place of living? personally i'm betting on option 2
  14. oo smart guys "englishman" does the name Ivan look anything like an english name i might be in the uk but because somebody is so "broad-minded" they assumed that i was english. so..... erm as for the narrow minded bit, i'll have to say, look closer to home my man as for the uni, i wouldn't be so coky, the uni is one of the most respected in the country after oxford and cambridge. also the only thing you can do is look at me and be jelous, because the closest u will ever come to a uni is possibly a janitor or maybe a gardner i dont know but the fact is is that you know that what you are talking about here is silly and you are too gutless to admit it. perhaps we should start a new topic i'll post some nice colouring in pictures for you to try out and you could teach me some english since you are so intelligent? who knows you could even show me how to have epilepsy like 1st hand experience in your case? hehe kids....
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