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  1. Essantial0


    Nice Video!
  2. I am glad to hear that, mate.
  3. Hello, Turbo Fan button may be stuck on. Otherwise, it should be silent after 2-3 minutes after leaving the game. The next possibility is that if the temperature value of your room is too high, it may also be caused by it. The last possibility is that the PC fan may be broken or there may be a problem with the Fan Bios settings. Have you ever checked Bios settings?
  4. Hello. I have been banned for years. My nickname is OneCaddy and i know what i have done in past. I made unfair games against MTA DD players under the influence of a momentary greed and none of what i did is right. I am aware of my mistakes and i am sorry for this. I have been creating ban appeals on the forum since the day i was banned and i spammed some times. In addition, i am sorry about this, but i think that this time is enough now. I ask you to give me the last chance to play MTA again. 11B438D959118B6B2C66865E51A945F
  5. This is my second ban appeal for my friend. Since he is banned on that mta forum, i am creating it instead. We created the first ban appeal about a month ago and waited patiently, but the yesterday when the ban appeals were examined, i realized that the ban appeal was deleted and there was no answer. That's why i am here to create ban appeal gain, i am writing on his behalf right now and i would like to add my own opinions here personally my friend cheated and abused some things. I think he suffered enough from it. (about 2 years) Everyone deserves to be forgiven, but my friend did not get what he expected. He tried to show himself that he was away from these bad things, he reported the people who are still dealing with these things to the mta team. My friend has been playing this game for about 10 years and he regrets the mistakes he made in the past years. He sends his apologies over and over to the mta team and to the players in the DD scene that he beated with using these cheats. There are many people who want to see our friend again on the DD scene. We know his mistakes and you should know that we won't ignore him if he does it again. The DD scene has changed and is run by certain community clans. In addition, he knows that this ban is impossible to bypass and is very sorry for the methods he used in the previous time. He needs to be forgiven in order to be able to play this game again. All I ask is for you to unban my friend. I would be very grateful if you could provide this. Kindest Regards For my friend OneCaddy. His serial is 11B438D959118B6B2C66865E51A945F3
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