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  1. gr8 idea but it will never happen because mr.bump is a power hungry u sed that u gave warning to the threads being deleted? u didnt do shit to warn them, who the hell cares if the threads were complete spam (which none of them were) it is the gang's thread, and the gang can do what ever they want in the thread. there were no posts by mods in the KFC thread about cuttin down on spam (there wasnt that much ne way).
  2. why the hell are you deleting the oldest, and most elite gang's threads? i can see if u wanna just delete like the shitty gangs that posted 3 times then never looked at it again, but deleting ULK, KFC's and a few other gang's threads is just stupid.
  3. suck my fuckin balls utopia stfu fuckin faggot
  4. "i should trace ur IP and hunt u down and kill you" he sed this after i killed him during MTA, not exactly an excuse but it was damn funny
  5. not a false quote, just edited the parts not needed
  6. my favorite person to kill would be gary cuz when i kill him he gets so pissed off and pulls out his "homo jokes", he always says something to me like, u still suck, or im better than u homo, and worthless bullshit like that, its pretty damn funny
  7. if u think that doon doesnt make excuses, ur mistaken
  8. "we're teamed up dumbass" -some guy i never talked to b4, we werent teamed
  9. gtat pisses me off to much to attempt to play it when i follow the fuckin instructions in the readme, i still come up in a world with no one except me and 30 unarmed, not-moving AI ppl
  10. i think R* would have announced multiplayer by now if they were doin it. most of the time, companies announce huge new features in a gam relatively quick.
  11. HEY NO MODDING IN MTA!!! lol j/k
  12. yeah ive seen alex on servers b4 advertisin some website he runs
  13. thats the pot callin the kettle black gary
  14. thank god there's gonna be a site with a ton of tuner cars on it there actually pretty hard to come by, i cant find many of them at least.
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