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  1. do a separate function with the onClientClick event and set it to activate when you enter the marker and disappear when you exit the marker Example: function testButton() if isMouseInPosition(button coordinates) then outputChatBox("Clicked", 0, 255, 0, true) end end function markerTestEnter(hitPlayer, matchingDimension) addEventHandler("onClientClick", getRootElement(), testButton) end addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit", yourMarker, markerTestEnter) function markerTestLeave(leavingPlayer, matchingDimension) removeEventHandler("onClientClick", getRootElement(), testButton) end addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit", yourMarker, markerTestLeave)
  2. Poti descarca orice mapa modata si sa folosesti engineLoadDFF engineImportTXD engineLoadTXD engineLoadCOL engineReplaceModel engineReplaceCOL
  3. @ViperZz , modifica tot codu cu asta deoarece nu o sa iti mearga cu ,,source" function adminVehicle(thePlayer) local car = getPedOccupiedVehicle(thePlayer) local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) and (getElementModel(car) == 411) then outputChatBox("Acces allowed", thePlayer, 255, 255, 255, true) else if not isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) and (getElementModel(car) == 411) then return cancelEvent() end end end addEventHandler("onVehicleStartEnter", getRootElement(), adminVehicle)
  4. function adminVehicle() local car = getPedOccupiedVehicle(source) local accName = getPlayerAccount(source) local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) and (getElementModel(car) == 411) then outputChatBox("Acces allowed", source, 255, 255, 255, true) else if not isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) and (getElementModel(car) == 411) then return cancelEvent() end end addEventHandler("onVehicleStartEnter", getRootElement(), adminVehicle) Incearca asta
  5. Mapa trebuie sa fie in folderul unde ai resursele de tip [admin], [gamemodes], [gameplay] etc.. sau in folderul [gameplay]: Resources folder: Gameplay folder: Fisierele ce trebuie sa fie intr-o mapa:
  6. Hydra

    Disable guns

    Use toggleControl
  7. Sterge tot ce ai in vehicles.xml si pune codul acesta(iti modifici tu numele la masini si id-ul lor) <catalog type="vehicle"> <group name="Aircraft"> <group name="Helicopters"> <vehicle id="548" name="Cargobob" /> <vehicle id="417" name="Leviathan" /> <vehicle id="487" name="Maverick" /> <vehicle id="488" name="News Chopper" /> <vehicle id="497" name="Police Maverick" /> <vehicle id="563" name="Raindance" /> <vehicle id="447" name="Seasparrow" /> <vehicle id="469" name="Sparrow" /> </group> <group name="Planes, Jets and Airlines"> <vehicle id="592" name="Andromada" /> <vehicle id="577" name="AT-400" /> <vehicle id="511" name="Beagle" /> <vehicle id="512" name="Cropduster" /> <vehicle id="593" name="Dodo" /> <vehicle id="553" name="Nevada" /> <vehicle id="476" name="Rustler" /> <vehicle id="519" name="Shamal" /> <vehicle id="460" name="Skimmer" /> <vehicle id="513" name="Stuntplane" /> </group> </group> <group name="Bikes"> <group name="Motorbikes"> <vehicle id="581" name="BF-400" /> <vehicle id="462" name="Faggio" /> <vehicle id="521" name="FCR-900" /> <vehicle id="463" name="Freeway" /> <vehicle id="523" name="HPV1000" /> <vehicle id="522" name="NRG-500" /> <vehicle id="461" name="PCJ-600" /> <vehicle id="448" name="Pizza Boy" /> <vehicle id="468" name="Sanchez" /> <vehicle id="586" name="Wayfarer" /> <vehicle id="471" name="Quadbike" /> </group> <group name="Bicycles"> <vehicle id="509" name="Bike" /> <vehicle id="481" name="BMX" /> <vehicle id="510" name="Mountain bike" /> </group> </group> <group name="Boats"> <vehicle id="472" name="Coastguard" /> <vehicle id="473" name="Dinghy" /> <vehicle id="493" name="Jetmax" /> <vehicle id="595" name="Launch" /> <vehicle id="484" name="Marquis" /> <vehicle id="430" name="Predator" /> <vehicle id="453" name="Reefer" /> <vehicle id="452" name="Speeder" /> <vehicle id="446" name="Squalo" /> <vehicle id="454" name="Tropic" /> </group> <group name="Real Cars"> <vehicle id="" name="----Cars/SUV----" /> <vehicle id="436" name="Audi RS5" /> <vehicle id="401" name="Aston Martin" /> <vehicle id="575" name="Alfa Romeo 4C" /> <vehicle id="518" name="Alfa Romeo 8C" /> <vehicle id="458" name="Audi A4 Avant Quattaro" /> <vehicle id="451" name="BMW M3 GTR" /> <vehicle id="496" name="BMW E30" /> <vehicle id="400" name="BMW X6 M" /> <vehicle id="580" name="BMW 7-er" /> <vehicle id="489" name="BMW X5" /> <vehicle id="536" name="BMW E90" /> <vehicle id="547" name="BMW M5 E60" /> <vehicle id="445" name="BMW M3 E92" /> <vehicle id="402" name="BMW M3 E46 NFS:MW Livery" /> <vehicle id="560" name="BMW M5 F90" /> <vehicle id="415" name="Bugatti Veyron" /> <vehicle id="480" name="Bugatti Chiron Sport (NEW)" /> <vehicle id="596" name="Buffalo Police" /> <vehicle id="502" name="Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z06" /> <vehicle id="474" name="Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (NEW)" /> <vehicle id="542" name="Dodge Charger 1987" /> <vehicle id="475" name="Dodge SRT Demon 2017" /> <vehicle id="545" name="Daewoo Tico" /> <vehicle id="420" name="Dacia Logan Taxi" /> <vehicle id="467" name="Dacia Logan" /> <vehicle id="598" name="Dacia Logan Romanian Police" /> <vehicle id="516" name="Dacia 1310 Tunning" /> <vehicle id="492" name="Dacia Sandero 2011" /> <vehicle id="602" name="Ford Mustang 2015" /> <vehicle id="534" name="Ford Mustang Shelby GT500" /> <vehicle id="603" name="Ford Mustang RTR Spec (NEW)" /> <vehicle id="561" name="Ford Raptor" /> <vehicle id="477" name="Ferrari F12" /> <vehicle id="541" name="Ferrari F40 Gas Monkey" /> <vehicle id="409" name="GTA V Limo" /> <vehicle id="533" name="Jaguar C-X75 (NEW)" /> <vehicle id="526" name="Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4" /> <vehicle id="506" name="Lamborghini Aventador" /> <vehicle id="587" name="Lexus LFA 2011" /> <vehicle id="551" name="Lexus IS 300 Rocket Bunny" /> <vehicle id="579" name="Mercedes G500" /> <vehicle id="559" name="Mazda RX-8 2011 (NEW)" /> <vehicle id="540" name="Mercedes S600" /> <vehicle id="494" name="McLaren P1" /> <vehicle id="585" name="Mercedes Benz C63" /> <vehicle id="429" name="Nissan GT-R" /> <vehicle id="419" name="Nissan Skyline R33" /> <vehicle id="555" name="Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R" /> <vehicle id="507" name="Opel Astra Sedan 2008" /> <vehicle id="495" name="Range Rover 2011" /> <vehicle id="412" name="Rolls Royce" /> <vehicle id="503" name="Renault E7 2017" /> <vehicle id="427" name="SWAT GTA 5" /> <vehicle id="546" name="Seat Leon Cupra" /> <vehicle id="558" name="Toyota Supra Tunned" /> <vehicle id="527" name="Volkswagen Sciroco" /> <vehicle id="576" name="Dodge Charger FnF 8" /> <vehicle id="404" name="Volkswagen Passat B6" /> <vehicle id="" name="----Bikes/Motorcycle/Trucks----" /> <vehicle id="515" name="Mercedes-Benz Actros Mp4 6x2 (NEW)" /> <vehicle id="522" name="Kawasaki Ninja" /> <vehicle id="481" name="BMX Poland 2" /> <vehicle id="586" name="Honda Goldwin" /> </group> <group name="Cars"> <group name="Sports Cars"> <vehicle id="602" name="Alpha" /> <vehicle id="429" name="Banshee" /> <vehicle id="402" name="Buffalo" /> <vehicle id="541" name="Bullet" /> <vehicle id="415" name="Cheetah" /> <vehicle id="480" name="Comet" /> <vehicle id="562" name="Elegy" /> <vehicle id="587" name="Euros" /> <vehicle id="565" name="Flash" /> <vehicle id="411" name="Infernus" /> <vehicle id="559" name="Jester" /> <vehicle id="603" name="Phoenix" /> <vehicle id="560" name="Sultan" /> <vehicle id="506" name="Super GT" /> <vehicle id="451" name="Turismo" /> <vehicle id="558" name="Uranus" /> <vehicle id="555" name="Windsor" /> <vehicle id="477" name="ZR-350" /> </group> <group name="Lowriders"> <vehicle id="536" name="Blade" /> <vehicle id="575" name="Broadway" /> <vehicle id="518" name="Buccaneer" /> <vehicle id="419" name="Esperanto" /> <vehicle id="534" name="Remington" /> <vehicle id="567" name="Savanna" /> <vehicle id="535" name="Slamvan" /> <vehicle id="576" name="Tornado" /> <vehicle id="412" name="Voodoo" /> </group> <group name="2-Door"> <vehicle id="496" name="Blista Compact" /> <vehicle id="401" name="Bravura" /> <vehicle id="527" name="Cadrona" /> <vehicle id="542" name="Clover" /> <vehicle id="533" name="Feltzer" /> <vehicle id="526" name="Fortune" /> <vehicle id="474" name="Hermes" /> <vehicle id="545" name="Hustler" /> <vehicle id="517" name="Majestic" /> <vehicle id="410" name="Manana" /> <vehicle id="436" name="Previon" /> <vehicle id="475" name="Sabre" /> <vehicle id="439" name="Stallion" /> <vehicle id="549" name="Tampa" /> <vehicle id="491" name="Virgo" /> </group> <group name="4-Door"> <vehicle id="445" name="Admiral" /> <vehicle id="438" name="Cabbie" /> <vehicle id="507" name="Elegant" /> <vehicle id="585" name="Emperor" /> <vehicle id="466" name="Glendale" /> <vehicle id="492" name="Greenwood" /> <vehicle id="546" name="Intruder" /> <vehicle id="551" name="Merit" /> <vehicle id="516" name="Nebula" /> <vehicle id="467" name="Oceanic" /> <vehicle id="426" name="Premier" /> <vehicle id="547" name="Primo" /> <vehicle id="405" name="Sentinel" /> <vehicle id="580" name="Stafford" /> <vehicle id="409" name="Stretch" /> <vehicle id="550" name="Sunrise" /> <vehicle id="566" name="Tahoma" /> <vehicle id="420" name="Taxi" /> <vehicle id="540" name="Vincent" /> <vehicle id="421" name="Washington" /> <vehicle id="529" name="Willard" /> </group> </group> <group name="Emergency"> <vehicle id="416" name="Ambulance" /> <vehicle id="433" name="Barracks" /> <vehicle id="427" name="Enforcer" /> <vehicle id="490" name="FBI rancher" /> <vehicle id="528" name="FBI truck" /> <vehicle id="407" name="Fire truck" /> <vehicle id="544" name="Fire truck (ladder)" /> <vehicle id="596" name="Police car (LS)" /> <vehicle id="598" name="Police car (LV)" /> <vehicle id="597" name="Police car (SF)" /> <vehicle id="599" name="Police ranger" /> <vehicle id="601" name="S.W.A.T." /> </group> <group name="Heavy Vehicles"> <group name="Industrial"> <vehicle id="524" name="Cement truck" /> <vehicle id="578" name="DFT-30" /> <vehicle id="486" name="Dozer" /> <vehicle id="406" name="Dumper" /> <vehicle id="573" name="Dune" /> <vehicle id="455" name="Flatbed" /> <vehicle id="530" name="Forklift" /> <vehicle id="403" name="Linerunner" /> <vehicle id="443" name="Packer" /> <vehicle id="515" name="Roadtrain" /> <vehicle id="574" name="Sweeper" /> <vehicle id="514" name="Tanker" /> <vehicle id="525" name="Towtruck" /> <vehicle id="408" name="Trashmaster" /> <vehicle id="552" name="Utility van" /> </group> <group name="Trailers"> <vehicle id="606" name="Baggage trailer (covered)" /> <vehicle id="607" name="Baggage trailer (Uncovered)" /> <vehicle id="610" name="Farm trailer" /> <vehicle id="537" name="Freight train" /> <vehicle id="590" name="Freight train boxcar" /> <vehicle id="569" name="Freight train flatbed" /> <vehicle id="611" name="Street Clean trailer" /> <vehicle id="584" name="Gas trailer" /> <vehicle id="608" name="Trailer 1" /> <vehicle id="435" name="Trailer 2" /> <vehicle id="450" name="Trailer 3" /> <vehicle id="591" name="Trailer 4" /> </group> <group name="Trucks"> <vehicle id="499" name="Benson" /> <vehicle id="609" name="Black Boxville" /> <vehicle id="422" name="Bobcat" /> <vehicle id="498" name="Boxville" /> <vehicle id="414" name="Mule" /> <vehicle id="600" name="Picador" /> <vehicle id="543" name="Sadler" /> <vehicle id="428" name="Securicar" /> <vehicle id="478" name="Walton" /> <vehicle id="456" name="Yankee" /> <vehicle id="554" name="Yosemite" /> </group> <group name="Vans"> <vehicle id="459" name="Berkley's RC van" /> <vehicle id="482" name="Burrito" /> <vehicle id="483" name="Camper" /> <vehicle id="508" name="Journey" /> <vehicle id="418" name="Moonbeam" /> <vehicle id="582" name="News van" /> <vehicle id="413" name="Pony" /> <vehicle id="440" name="Rumpo" /> </group> </group> <group name="Misc"> <group name="Other"> <vehicle id="485" name="Baggage" /> <vehicle id="568" name="Bandito" /> <vehicle id="424" name="BF Injection" /> <vehicle id="504" name="Bloodring Banger" /> <vehicle id="538" name="Brownstreak Engine" /> <vehicle id="570" name="Brownstreak Carriage" /> <vehicle id="431" name="Bus" /> <vehicle id="457" name="Caddy" /> <vehicle id="437" name="Coach" /> <vehicle id="532" name="Combine harvester" /> <vehicle id="588" name="Hotdog" /> <vehicle id="434" name="Hotknife" /> <vehicle id="494" name="Hotring racer" /> <vehicle id="502" name="Hotring racer 2" /> <vehicle id="503" name="Hotring racer 3" /> <vehicle id="444" name="Monster" /> <vehicle id="556" name="Monster 2" /> <vehicle id="557" name="Monster 3" /> <vehicle id="572" name="Mower" /> <vehicle id="423" name="Mr. Whoopee" /> <vehicle id="571" name="Kart" /> <vehicle id="531" name="Tractor" /> <vehicle id="449" name="Trolly" /> <vehicle id="583" name="Tug" /> <vehicle id="539" name="Vortex" /> </group> <group name="RC Vehicles"> <vehicle id="441" name="RC Bandit" /> <vehicle id="464" name="RC Baron" /> <vehicle id="594" name="RC Flower Pot" /> <vehicle id="501" name="RC Goblin" /> <vehicle id="465" name="RC Raider" /> <vehicle id="564" name="RC Tiger" /> </group> </group> <group name="SUVs and Wagons"> <vehicle id="589" name="Club" /> <vehicle id="579" name="Huntley" /> <vehicle id="400" name="Landstalker" /> <vehicle id="500" name="Mesa" /> <vehicle id="470" name="Patriot" /> <vehicle id="404" name="Perennial" /> <vehicle id="489" name="Rancher" /> <vehicle id="479" name="Regina" /> <vehicle id="442" name="Romero" /> <vehicle id="495" name="Sandking" /> <vehicle id="458" name="Solair" /> <vehicle id="561" name="Stratum" /> </group> </catalog>
  8. Aceasta sectiune e doar pentru a prezenta servere nu pentru a raporta problemele tale pe acel server. La fel si la tine:
  9. Poti Lua coordonatele de la panoul din GUI si sa le pui in DGS. Nu am folosit niciodata DGS asa ca nu pot sa iti pun mai multe, asteapta pana cand o sa iti raspunda cineva care a folosit acest tip de panou.
  10. Modifici numele la imaginea pe care vrei sa o pui cu acelasi nume de la imaginea din resursa respectiva. Mai multe ti-a spus si @Vinyard
  11. DX VIP Panel pentru serverele de freeroam Video: https://streamable.com/4cgvk Poze :https://imgur.com/a/QrUb0ny
  12. Try with getCursorPosition()
  13. Cauta pe https://community.multitheftauto.com/ Daca vrei sa il faci tu ai nevoie de: booleans, bindKey, createVehicle, destroyElement
  14. I think you need isPedAiming and onClientPedWeaponFire https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/IsPedAiming https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnClientPedWeaponFire
  15. Use engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture Link: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineApplyShaderToWorldTexture
  16. Poti sa iei sunetele de pe net doar sa le modifici numele cu 1.mp3, 2.mp3 & 3.mp3 cum e in folderu cu sunete de la resursa
  17. Dupa parerea mea resursa asta e cea mai buna pentru sunetele la masini: Script pt a creea masina: function car() local x, y, z = getElementPosition(source) local vehicle = createVehicle(411, x, y, z) end addCommandHandler("spawncar", car) Daca folosesti client pune localPlayer la getElementPosition dar daca folosesti server lasa source
  18. Mai intai fa sistemul de factiuni si dupa cel de notificare
  19. Pentru GUI: local guiWindow = false function openWindow() if not guiWindow then guiSetVisible(numeleLaPanou, true) showCursor(true) guiWindow = true else guiSetVisible(numeleLaPanou, false) showCursor(false) guiWindow = false end end bindKey("tasta", "down", openWindow) Pentru chat:
  20. Pentru a adauga un mod pe skin foloseste txd = engineLoadTXD ("skin.txd") engineImportTXD (txd, id) dff = engineLoadDFF ("skin.dff") engineReplaceModel (dff, id) Pentru a edita skin-ul foloseste TXDWorkshop sau ZModeler
  21. Joaca-te cu functiile de pe wiki pe un server local sa vezi fiecare ce face.
  22. Un remake la meniul jocului din The Last of Us pe MTA Link video: https://streamable.com/8vzk7
  23. Here you should post suggestions for MTA. Make a topic in ,,scripting" about your question.
  24. Yes you are right, this topic can be closed now
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