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  1. --// Quick Example local myCol = createColRectangle(1024, 512, 20, 20) --// this is how you create the col local myRadar = createRadarArea(1024, 512, 20, 20, 0, 255, 0, 255, root) --// with radar area you can detect your col easier function onColHit(hit, dim) if getElementType(hit) == "player" then killPed(hit) outputChatBox("You were killed", hit, 255, 0, 0, true) end end addEventHandler("onColShapeHit", root, onColHit) You have 6 types of colshapes, in this example I used the Rectangle one
  2. Try using the texture name from wiki: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/CJ_Clothes\Hats_(16)
  3. Hello, did used this resource to get the texture name? https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Shader_examples#Texture_names I think that each hat has a different name and you will have to put the exact name
  4. Version 1.5.0 (FINAL) - Improved lighting system - Removed some useless lighting from previous versions - Removed activation message & command - The lighting will start automatically at 21:00 and will stop at 07:00 Download Link: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18637
  5. time.hour >= 1 // Means if the real hour is equal or higher than 1 time.hour < 3 // Means if the real hour is lower than 3
  6. you could achieve this with timestamp if i'm not wrong
  7. Buna ziua, as dori sa va prezint un VIP Panel realizat in DX (vreau sa mentionez ca acest panou este mai potrivit pe serverele freeroam). Există 3 pachete pentru acest panou VIP: Pachetul #1 Preț: 10$ Euro (Numai prin PayPal!) Conține: Diverse: - Interfață DX clasică (tip pătrat) - Conține câteva informații: numele jucătorului și câte persoane VIP sunt pe server Jucător: - Statistici maxime (aproape toate statisticile GTA:SA vor fi maximizate) - Viață (Veți seta 200% viață) - Armură (veți seta 200% armură) - Invizibil (vei fi invizibil) - Animație pentru invizibilitate - Jetpack (veți putea activa/dezactiva jetpack) - Godmode (Veți fi invincibil, dar nu veți putea ucide alți jucători) - VIP Blip (Veți fi vizibil pe hartă cu un blip diferit de jucătorii normali) Vehicul: - Va exista o listă cu unele vehicule pe care le puteți crea ca VIP (Puteți adăuga/elimina vehicule din vehicles.xml) - Distruge (mașina ta VIP va fi distrusă) - Blocare/Deblocare (Veți putea bloca/debloca mașina dvs. VIP, dar nu pe cele normale din panoul de administrare sau din alte resurse) - Motor (Veți putea opri/porni motorul mașinii VIP) - Lumini (veți putea aprinde/stinge farurile mașinii tale VIP) - Teleportare în vehicul (Vă veți putea teleporta în mașina dvs. VIP dacă este creată) - Animație invizibilă la mașină - Car Rainbow (culoarea la masină se va schimba aleatoriu) Pachetul #2 Preț: 10$ Euro (Numai prin PayPal!) Conține: Totul de la pachetul #1, dar interfața va fi rotunjită la colțuri Pachetul #3 Preț: 20$ Euro (Numai prin PayPal!) Conține: Totul de la pachetul #1 și pachetul #2 + - Stil (un buton unde puteți schimba tipul de interfață (Clasic sau Modern)) - Temă (un buton unde puteți schimba culoarea interfeței) Puteți derula în sus/jos dacă adăugi mai multe mașini în vehicles.xml NOTĂ: Vreau să menționez că scriptul va fi compilat pentru că nu vreau ca alții să facă sisteme folosind codul meu Putem vorbi doar pe Discord (Discordul meu: Hydra45#6859) Videoclipuri/Imagini: Video:
  8. Hi, I would like to present you a VIP Panel made in DX (I want to mention that this panel is more suitable on freeroam servers). There are 3 packages for this VIP Panel: Package #1 Price: 10$ Euros (Only via PayPal!) Contain: Misc: - Classic DX interface (square type) - It contains some information: the name of the player and how many VIPs are on the server Player: - Max Stats (Almost all GTA:SA stats will be maxed) - Health (You will set 200% health) - Armour (You will set 200% armour) - Invisible (You will be invisible) - Invisible Animation (Smooth invisible animation) - Jetpack (You will can enable/disable jetpack) - Godmode (You will be invincible but you will not be able to kill other players - VIP Blip (You will be visible on the map with a different blip from normal players) Vehicle: - There will be a list with some vehicles you can spawn as VIP (You can add/remove vehicles from vehicles.xml) - Destroy (Your vip car will be destroyed) - Lock/Unlock (You will can lock/unlock your vip car but not the normal ones from admin panel or other resources) - Engine (You will be able to stop/start your vip car engine) - Lights (You will be able to turn on/off the headlights of your vip car) - Warp in vehicle (You will be able to warp in your vip car if it's spawned) - Car Invisible Animation (Smooth invisible animation) - Car Rainbow (Smooth car color changer) Package #2 Price: 10$ Euros (Only via PayPal!) Contain: Everything from Package #1 but the interface will be rounded at corners Package #3 Price: 20$ Euros (Only via PayPal!) Contain: Everything from Package #1 and Package #2 + - Style (A button where you can change the type of interface (Classic or Modern) ) - Theme (A button where you can change the interface color from Dark to Light or from Light to Dark) You can scroll up/down if you add more cars in vehicles.xml NOTE: I want to mention that the script will be compiled because I do not want others to make systems using my code We can talk only on Discord(My discord: Hydra45#6859) Videos/Images: Video:
  9. Hello @BadDawg, here are some hosting servers: https://multitheftauto.com/hosters/
  10. Just copy the acl.xml file from your original server to the second one like I said above, it's the only option or just copy and paste the text
  11. +rep


  12. Hydra

    Closing f1

    trigger the bindkey from client to server and use ACL for permissions
  13. You could just copy the acl.xml file from the original server to the second one
  14. Client: local MIN_VALUE = 0 local MAX_VALUE = 15 function RenderShakeEffect() local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if vehicle then local vx, vy, vz = getElementVelocity(vehicle) local actualspeed = (vx^2 + vy^2 + vz^2)^(0.5) local kmh = actualspeed * 180 if kmh >= 300 then setCameraShakeLevel(math.random(MIN_VALUE,MAX_VALUE)) else setCameraShakeLevel(0) end end end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, RenderShakeEffect)
  15. Even if you posted the error in the title, it would be ok to tell the people more informations about this issue. They will understand exactly what is wrong there.
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