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  1. K0nfig

    Good afternoon, sorry to bother you, but I made a post on the forum Sunday, about me being banned from all servers because of my serial number, I don't know why this happens as I have never used any kind of cheat, I would like to have an answer to that and being able to play, because I see that you answer several people, and so far it has not been my turn, I already put the serial in the request and so far I have not received any response, probably unbanning a player who always followed all the rules and was banned serial due to injustice or whatever, it shouldn't take so long, kind regards K0nfig
    1. Tut


      We have a couple hundred appeals to go through first

    2. K0nfig


      Can you tell me how long this might take on average? 1 or 2 weeks? Sorry for the inconvenience, looking forward to playing again.
    3. Tut


      Most appeals should have a response by January 2023

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