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  1. So far i know MTA:SA Race 1.0 is released on 22 January 2006
  2. That isn't allowed. If you want to do remote admin for MTA you can use one of the mIRC scripts or the MTA remote admin tool.
  3. Joriz

    upload speed

    If you keep your PC on for one MTA server you are paying 25 Euro per month for only the power. Then you also have the work to keep everything running and also your Internet connection get slower for your private use. It is much cheaper to hire a 24 players slot at a MTA Host, because you pay less and you make use of a better network.
  4. Joriz

    I need a good reason

    Check the blog, the screens and the video's and then you will see the difference.
  5. Check this press release: http://ir.take2games.com/ReleaseDetail. ... eID=195754 Looks like Xbox Live means that you can download extra missions and vehicles. Nowhere is told that R* North will add a Multiplayer function. Also I think they won't do this because they dont have the time for it. Working on a perfect new single player in 2 years is already working very hard.
  6. What are your PC specs? What kind of soundcard do you have? Do you have the newest drivers?
  7. Joriz


    Just sort on ping in MTA. But what is your problem if you already know that you can use ASE?
  8. Download new drivers for your videocard. This will fix most of your problems. Also check if you have the newest DirectX and MTA SA r1.1.1
  9. See for downgrader: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=15151&start=0 Rockstar Games protected in 2.0 the ability to mod. So letting MTA work on 2.0 is very hard.
  10. LOL The MTA Team is working very hard on their new MTA version. Remember the mta team wants it good and not half finished. You better can wait for playing a good mod then releasing it tonight full with bugs. And if you really want to play it this night go program something your self. Then you will find out how much time it takes to make it work good.
  11. Does this also happend if you have played GTA SA?
  12. I think transparant is a very good idea. Also a border around it would be nice.
  13. I think transparant is a very good idea. Also a border around it would be nice.
  14. I think this has something to do with the version of DirectX you have. Maybe you have to upgrade/downgrade your DirectX version.
  15. I think MTAVC is not populair anymore because GTAVC isn't popular anymore. I stopped playing MTAVC after a while that i stopped playing GTAVC. I know people didn’t like 0.5 very much because the DM mode was changed allot. But much people liked the stunt mode. After that I and lot of other people started to play other games like Half Life 2, CS Source and of course GTA San Andreas. So now I say just wait for MTASA and stop complaining because it will be good.
  16. LOOL, Yea with 2473943 popups or what? No 2473943 pop ups. Only one pop up! ( to my website ofcourse) I had also plans to buy gtatfffafaf (can't say that name from that stupid darco(what color was it) and his multiplayer mod) .tk so I could block their whole website
  17. I just said when MTA didn't buy that URL, that I would bought it. My plan was to redirect it to mtavc.com So I just wanted to give them a present.
  18. Does links don't work yet because the websites aren't on-line yet. If u use whois u can see that someone from rockstar has bougt gtasanandreas.com and sanandreas.com mtasa.com is bought by: Registrant : H.... [email protected] +318002000 Multi Theft Auto Hetals.... L..... N/a BE Domain Name: MTASA.COM {mtasa.com } Registration Date : 2003-12-17 Expiration Date : 2004-12-17 Last update :2003-12-17 14:50:56 I told IJsvogel that i would buy that domain if they didn't bought it. So MTA bought their new domain wich they are gone use when GTA SA is out. NOTE also the url to sincity.com works it's a porn website
  19. Some secrets or what people already know: http://www.gtasanandreas.com and http://www.sanandreas.com are bought by Rockstar Games Sincity.com is a porn website and http://www.gtasincity.com is bought by ENOM, INC. Rockstar told that the makers of a GTA San andreas mod that they must named it GTA San Angeles some secrets I am not allowed to tell: http://www.mtavc.com is bought by the MTA team http://www.mtasa.com is also bought by the MTA team (I told them to buy this domain)
  20. Thanks MTA! no more cheating and using those stuppid mods! THANKS! this is reallyt good news. I hope MTA VC 3.0 will be out in 1 or 2 weeks.
  21. First i try ALT-TAB doesn't work The I try CTRL+ALT+DELETE doesn't work Then I try the reset button does work I hate this! but I know the problem, I have Windows
  22. That article sucks! They made it in one minute. They add some screenshots who you can find on the MTA website. Rockstar didn't forget there multiplayer! the problem was with GTA3 that they hadn't that much time to make it. They found out that it isn't that easy! If U watch to the GTA3 pictures with a GTA3 image browser you can find a GameSpy logo and other multiplayer logo and picture stuff. MTA isn't a deserted land, when you start it the action is very good. Anyway the article is good for the MTA community!
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