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  1. Ha, i remember bitchpacking a PCJ with like 10 KFC's and then wrecking and they all go flying, haha.
  2. Don't give him an F! 7/10 - C
  3. restart your machine, or close all other windows/programs that might have the word "fix, trainer, hack, mod, etc...."
  4. lets all give a warm, sticky welcome to subzero. (a relative of sergio, YES!!!!)
  5. just stay out of the thread steve, unless it is gangwar related and not flammable (laugh)
  6. ... Now it is up. I guess it needs to run a few hours before people can connect remotely.
  7. My teamspeak is back up. The IP is :
  8. dude thats sick, i never stunted in MTA at all, but ive watched movies, and never seen that.
  9. laugh. its not easy to learn, which is why i dont see why people say it is lame. My hands are killing me after playing like that for awhile.
  10. Laugh I kno right? DooN, KFG, MoTnt all know how to kill me and do without complaining. But let me ask something, was my method actually glitching?
  11. What are you talking about? (see the thread: Rival's Video in the Gangs section)
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