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  1. Do you seriously think i would come here and talk about illegal games from Rockstar? and i can tell that the games has been in DK for a couple of days now, so if you know someone who has a software shop you can get games b4 they are official out BTW thief thinks every man steals
  2. yea it's very easy to get lost but then again i sux at ps2 games without my mouse and keyboard i look like a 3 year old kid trying to play his first ps2 game
  3. guess wot my vote is hehe damn that game blows seriously the game is awsome and it has a veeerrry big world.
  4. It stands for ®ead (T)he (F)riendly (M)anuel
  5. Testing or not testing who gives a fook, cheating is cheating, so just call it what u want, but from where i stand u sure look like just another dumbass cheater.
  6. weed


    its not a bug its disabled, i cant see ur shooting at me on my screen
  7. copy and paste from another post after that make the cfg file read only.
  8. I think he mean he should try reinstalling MTA client, not the hole game
  9. lol, it sound quite fun, ill hope i got time to drop by
  10. If you have patched your game to 1.1, you should remember too change to 1.1 when your in chat window in ase, when your connected to server there is a option in upper right corner called "Game Information" change that to the version of your game, maybe this will help?
  11. What error message do you get? there is no doubt that you have a conflict of some kind, give some more info and maybe we can help
  12. Its a cheat/mod/addon, u cant do it without it, and it could make the game unstable ive heard, so stay away from it online.
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