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  1. Thanks for comment! Text me pm and we can talk about it. Thanks! P.S Nice signature
  2. Simple PSD Logo for MTA:SA (project,team,server e.t.c) Author : @namebot (me) Credits : Anyone can use and edit this template how they want. Logo : If you are expected for graphics design services you can text me pm and i can help you ! Download link : here (Mega) If you use this logo or just like it please leave thubs up!
  3. This script is login for mta dayz server where you can choose a Survivor Clothing skin. By purchasing this script i'm will be supporter. If you found bug or just want to edit something just text me and all will be right. Screenshots: Price : Send your offers at pm.
  4. Shop value is S-Points - like money. With basic lua knowing you can edit shop value to what you want.
  5. namebot

    I want to help

    Can you normally say what you need? Because i really don't undestand you.
  6. Contact with me @Discord.gg svononer#2023.
  7. MTA DayZ shop system SS Download link : MEGA Thumbs Up !
  8. Here i's SAPG DayZ gamemode . Customed DayZ gamemode with lot of cars, skins e.t.c Bases mappings and gate scripts on groups and serials Some new features and scripts Download Link : MEGA If you downloaded and this topic was useful for you leave thubs up
  9. Enter folder Gang System Found meta.xml (open it) Found in meta <min_mta_version client="version" server="version" /> And just delete that line Save file and restart resource Well done
  10. lol you can download for free gamemode with that features. little know of .lua and done.
  11. Welcome! Today I am coming to you with a little ad that would like to show you your upcoming mta dayz project (MTA International DayZ). There is a very strong desire to realize what no-one has ever seen. So say 'bump bombs'.So far, all this has just been realized and the project is just developing. There is currently a forum page that publishes all server news. The main goal now is to gather active users in the forum to be active players on the server opening. The forum will post server updates and updates with screenshots and everything else almost every day. If you are interested in MTA DayZ then please sign up for our forum and post something activity as much as possible from your part. If you have something, some ideas that could be implemented on the server safely with some of them in the "Recommendations" section of the forum. I look forward to the best and I wish you the same. Thank you for taking your time on this post and reading it. Good luck! http://mta-id.itp.lv/f/ (temporary domain)
  12. There is nothing Join my community : http://spree-gaming.com/forum/
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