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  1. Wartech

    12 days of MTA

    why stop at the 12th day? On the 13th day of MTA, R* gave to me, 13 banned cheaters, 12 forum mods, 11 stupid n00b gangs, 10 blown cars, 9 dead cops, 8 S.U.V.'s, 7 yelling n00bs, 6 Studed tires, 5 GOLDEN BULLETS, 4 offended gangs (in the game), 3 keys (kilos) of coke, 2 matching pythons and a dodo through a building
  2. I think he meant bigger resolution, not bigger filesize
  3. shouldnt it say Robert Pooley?
  4. mmmmmm... gta3mta be sure to invite me to the betatests ;P
  5. Grr... stupid eAi did it before me! Idea stealer Anyway... mta_url_handler.rar (11,8KB) Place mta_url_handler.exe in C:\WINNT\system32 or wherever you feel like, but remember to edit the paths in the mta_url_handler.reg before you run it. -Wartech
  6. Argh! Fucking idiot, another lame mapmod for lamers to abuse with MTA. And you're even stupid enough to post it in the forum, go to hell.
  7. me and me (doh) played some more GTA3:MTA yesterday, but I was tired and forgot to post the pics (the pic anyway, only one of my pics were good ), so I'll do it now. Uh oh...
  8. It sure was fun! Bump got a little pissed because everytime i flew into the ocean his client crashed. I should have tought about taking screenshots. Lets hope more people starts to play GTA3:MTA again. /me waits (im)patiently for GTA3:MTA 0.4
  9. Yes, yes, and here is some spam from me too:
  10. I think Iggy was referring to this stuff: http://downloads.mtavc.com/lol.mp3 http://downloads.mtavc.com/chips.jpg http://downloads.mtavc.com/painting.jpg http://downloads.mtavc.com/wartechdesktop.gif I think there are more, but I those are the ones I can find. Also check out the official Wall of Fake at http://www.mtavc.com/wof.php and IJs' sweet maktunes at http://www.mtavc.com/mak.php.
  11. Using mapmods is against the EULA. -Wartech
  12. Here you go. killdjvol2.zip (4.8MB) -Wartech
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