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  1. Hmm, I guess it has its good points and bad points, I somtimes like to make my names pepending on what im doing/feeling so that would suck, but so would some 1 taking my alias (not that its ever happened)
  2. Yes it happened to me once when I was in a car. I just reloaded the game and it worked fine after that.
  3. Maby you havnt noticed but Many ideas come from these types of posts. Also if you didnt finish reading it I had another alternetive witch was to be able to set your custom Upload/Downlaod limet that the game uses. I kinda disagree with this, the devs should read the ideas people have because some of them are good and will help the development of MTA aswell as save some time. Every one has diffrent ideas, some are good and some are bad but if you know all the ideas you can remove the bad ones and use all the good ones. So being quiet and letting the devs work on their own wont be the best thing to do. This is a community.
  4. ROFL hahah ong thats a funny pic u got there, wth kinda car is that?
  5. Running people down does somthing. I rekkon its funny when u get hit by a car (and die) and when u go to the mission slecion thing u r still flying and u fall off that building.
  6. Hey Im in Australia and everybody knows that we dont get the best internet deals. Anyway I have a limeted amount of download useage that I can use before I have to wait till the end of the month. I was thinking that if you could put extra effort in making MTA with less bandwidth useage it would be better for every one. Good Points are: Less lag (pings) > more players > more fun > more players Less bandwidth used > more (happy) players Bad points: More work for you > slow releases > un-happy people Another way of solving this is a custom upload limet and download limet. This would mean that you could change the upload limet to anything and there be a nother tab for the download limet witch should also be custom. This wouls allow the user full control and awearness over what they are useing of their limeted internet or not useing up all the bandwith if their useing internet shearing with others.
  7. Yep Im kinda anoyed aswell... Actucaly im not, ive already uninstalles GTA3 about 2 months ago. Don't get me wrong, I will install it again when 0.3 comes out. It would of been nice to be able to release it today but what did you expect? I hope it gets released in the next month.
  8. bloody hell i was gonna make a game with that name... ohwell
  9. It would be good if you could remove like 50 -70 % of all the vehicles to make it a lil easier for the bus driver. Also The team that has to stop the bus would probly win alot more often because all they need is a equaly heavy vehicle or a good driver to cause the bus to crash into somthing, causing it to explode.
  10. Lets just make a certin car that only the VIP can use this would be easier and you wouldnt have to set the speeds for the car when the VIP was useing it. If you havnt played TFC, a great Half-Life mod you should check it out and have a look at the Hunted map. That map works very well and there arnt too many problems, I think people should base their ideas off that mod because its alot easier to decide on somthing if you have played it before.
  11. Hey welcome to the forums and yep the trafic and peds will all be synced. Now the only problem with GTA3MTA 0.3 is its out in 2 weeks...
  12. Hey welcome to the forums and yep the trafic and peds will all be synced. Now the only problem with GTA3MRA 0.3 is its out in 2 weeks...
  13. Ok I have just tested it and this is my thaughts on it: Pros: Very simple to use, I got into a game in les than 3 mins after downloading the file. More than one other player, as soon as I got in I saw about 8 people. Ability to have your name. You can have a server name. You can see how many people are playing in the server. You can get into the actucal game way easier. Cons: Your car will look like its lagging. I had limeted control of my car, I could barley stop in my limo. Cliping problems, your car seems to half fall through the ground. Your car is very jumpy. Crashing is frequent, when I died from my limmo getting stuck in the ground and finding my self in the air for some reaon the server crashed. Hard to get PC working after a crash. Player animation problems. Im going to try this again to see if it works better now but overall I had a pritty bad experience with it. I was in the game for about 2 minutes and than trying to recover my PC for about 3 minutes. This MOD looks very promesing![/b]
  14. Yep also happens to me and I have WinXP, also I dont think I can create a game because I am useing internet sharing with another PC? well I dont know the prob, ohwell. Yay 2 gta3 multiplayer mods, I hope the dont agree to be on the same team because I want more choices and competition.
  15. In later versions can you make it in Deathmatch Team Deathmatch and any other gameplay modes that you have the option to turn it off and on. I can remember GTA2 where me and sister played and she alwaised tried to imitate the AI, hehe we didnt realy kill each other much because she didnt like it but it was still fun when I drive near her and she wouldnt notice eh eh eh.
  16. Yeah ya gotta play it slow, it can still be fun and you can have a good time with out the server crashing every 5 mins. Me and my friend played over net for about 30+ mins and it was fine.
  17. Good! Ive been waiting for some other multiplayer mods, this will add to the competiton. Msby this might cause the mta team to update faster... or atleast modify the status bar a little.
  18. Ill explane it to you a bit so you understand. When you join a game or create a game (dosnt matter) all of your game will go full speed or what ever your computer can handle. The only time you will notice "lag" is when you see the other player, and it isnt realy clased as lag, anyway when you see the other player they will be jumping around, there car will kinda teleport a couple of metres infront of them anc continue like that. Its asif you cant see every 2nd frame or somthing ( but not every 2nd frame) and it will only be to their car, not to your computer or any of the AI. They wont notice this on their computer either, but they will see this happining to you even though you dont notice it. Thats how it basicaly is.
  19. I think that the ground should be rough enough to make the person to realy consider weather he wants to smash into a 4ft jagged rock sticking out of the ground or curv around it. Also the maps would have to be big enough to take a while to get to the bottom, maby some uphill stuffed in there aswell, you cant just keep going down and down... can you?
  20. I think it would be easier to have every one but the VIP driving cars, hell if the VIP wants he can just jump onto the roof of a car and get to the destination. Another idea would be that the VIP can not drive but he can get in the passanger side but when he does get in, that car will show up n the enemy (Assasins) radar so the game would require a little bei more thaught and some tactics.
  21. Yep Probly, Its a great mode to play. Yes it would work because he isnt going to be the person who's trying to kill you. Once you kill your target it will swap to another person, maby not right away but soon when theres some one to be your target. That means that if you kill the person who is trying to kill you their target wont be you any more (because you killed them) it will of swaped to another person. It all works out fine, its alot easier when you play the tribes 2 version + it is very fun!
  22. Why not just make the guards and assasins respawn instantly in their bases?? They would still need time to get back to where the VIP was, but maby the Assasins could start closer to where the VIP had to get to. Oh and I dont realy understand what is with the object? I mean I would juse get the object and speed off to point B, Not that that would be easy with snipers ect. I think we should try and make this more so realistic than non-realistic. Than means no unlimeted uzi's no car going slower with a diffrent paint job and not a freekin football... well actucaly that mught be some what entertaining. Just my 2 cents
  23. Im up to help, im only a stoopid kid who dosnt know anything though. Well I do know what people like. Does that count? Any way yeah basicaly all the gta3mta people would have to do is make it so that there could be more than 30 people. One thing you would need is to slightly slow the action down. I mean people arnt going to step 1cm onto the footpath and be hit by some crazy guy where all his buddies just run people down for fun.. hehe that would be funny.
  24. The External program would be ok when it has some more features and is more understandable because right now its kinda confusing nad hard to understand if your new. Somthing where it has maby 2 buttons at 1st, "Join Game" and "Create Game" Creating a game would be simple, just set the options and name of your game you want and press create than its done, also with the options for LAN and Internet (aslo make shure it states your IP). Joing a game would also be more simple just have the list of servers that you can select and when you slect one it has the game prefrences and amount of people etc. Also a search would be good, where you can search for the game name and/or player names. Also make shure you can add some ones ip. I also belive there will be a program to find internet game servers, this will add to the easyness.
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