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  1. i had a big crash on my computer and i had to format, now when i install gta3 it sets the resolution on the highest resolution 1120 X 900 or something, but my g force 2 can't handle that. and i can't change it in the options menu, does anyone know another solution...
  2. the stick topics don't say anything about a 10054, only about 10047 - 49 ...
  3. the connection is rest by remote side, i don't know what this could mean, but the only thing i know is that i can't play no more ... i start GTA3MTA - press alt+tab - enter my nick - and when i press connect to server i get this error i hope u can help me ...
  4. i flew with the dodo to the roof, once u know how it's easy to fly with it.. a little practice green1152
  5. http://www.msnusers.com/mypicture?user= ... HczD1SKio$ i like this shot, _Mr_K_ style [/img]
  6. this is the only stupid bug that bothers me, can't stay in the game for longer then 1 min. and it happens on both teams, so mafia is not the prob, but what is ?
  7. i lift of with the dodo, and when i fly longer then 20 sec the game freezes and i get and unhandled exeption. i think it was something like 0000005, can someone help me with this.. thxs
  8. if i press the download button i only get a pdf file, but can't find the file...
  9. i select a server, go in the game, select the cars, it says synchronising cars. but after that nothing happens. and if i wanna chat i get an error. so i dunno what i have to do
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