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  1. Ok, we got the solution. It was a continuous DDOS to our server. Thank you so much for your time and help effort!
  2. Hello everyone, I'm an admin of the server "Tohuwabohu Freeroam" and we need your help to solve this strange problem. We had this server successfully running for 5 years but some days ago we got strange problem. We got black screen problem (We could see players joining, their chats, we could download map fully but sometimes failed.) and timed out after a while. Then we tried: Removing all the scripts. Reinstalling MTA Reset everything We tried contacting our providers and they said there is no problem with hosting and they even changed the hardware of host. But nothing worked. Now everything is reset just like a Default server, though we don't see any black screen problem but when we join, just after a second we get "connection error" then "timed out" Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Well, I neither have Optimus feature nor Integrated Intel.
  4. Read my reply. Still doesn't make sense. I said, every people complain about it. Do you think "Every People" would have Dual Switchable Graphic s Adapter? My PC Config: NVidia GT 750 4 GB RAM 8 GB Inter Core i7 3.2 4th Generation
  5. Nope, we have tested in every 1.5 server! Same result. Maybe your PC simply isn't enough good for more FPS or CEF. Read my above post again, as I said I get 100 FPS constant in 1.4 servers, Every players are complaining about the FPS drop so blaming the system does not make sense and moreover I have tested it with like 5-6 Friends from other countries. They say the same.
  6. Nope, we have tested in every 1.5 server! Same result.
  7. If the server has 0-20 players, We get like 55-65 FPS. But when the server gets upto 100 players, it even comes to 30 FPS. I have tested the FPS in every 1.5 servers. Same result. Edit: I get constant 100 FPS in 1.4 servers.
  8. I just downgraded the server to 1.4.1 just because of this FPS drop. Both versions are stable in Window 10 though
  9. Any idea, when is the next update coming? Coz this FPS lags are pissing me off.
  10. Thanks. But I did it in another way. with this line inside. (Not interior but inside the script) if ( getElementInterior( player ) == 0 ) then Now it works fine
  11. How do I disable scripts at certain places like Warehouse? For example, If I want to disable Bouncing betty in Warehouse. Or is there a way to turn OFF certain commands in certain area?
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