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  1. work but destroy last element only not all object
  2. hi now i have script when player press 1 will create this -- server local myobject = createObject (8873, myx, myy, myz) local mycol = createColSphere ( myx, myy, myz, 320 ) setElementData(mycol,'col',myobject) setElementData(mycol,'colplayer',plr) i want when player quit destroy all elements ( not last elements only ) created by him
  3. already i use it as temporary solution but i want when server restart the variable saved
  4. i know i have read all xml functions but how to take a value of variable ? as x = x or getElementData(localPlayer) --( x = 1 ) when i start script i want x = 1
  5. hello i have script but i want save variables in it for example i have x,y,z i want when script stop save x,y,z in file as xml and when script start if found x,y,z in file xml then use it in function
  6. Monument


    thx its work good thx for all
  7. Monument


    i try to do it as if T1 == "1" and T2 =="2" and T3 =="3" then the output only 1 message but i have alot of data in table i can't do all as if
  8. Monument


    it's in 1 function timer with table Table = { {"1","2","3"} } setTimer(function() for i,v in ipairs(Table) do if (T1== v[1] and T2 == v[2] and T3 == v[3]) then outputChatBox('true') return else outputChatBox('false') end end end,1000,1) reason is the ipairs but how fix it i don't know
  9. Monument


    done but same thing i want when output be without spam only 1 output now its with more 10 output
  10. Monument


    setTimer(function() for i,v in ipairs(Table) do if (T1== v[1] and T2 == v[2] and T3 == v[3]) then outputChatBox('true') else outputChatBox('false') end end end,1000,1) this is my code when first the condition will output 'true' but when output 'true' be repetitive any help to be 1 time only with out repet
  11. Monument


    but what function use in server side i can't find it in server side for trainhorns i wanaa when hit marker in client then make sound for player hit marker or for near players but i think for player hit marker only better
  12. Monument


    wanaa to make 3d sound can all beside it hear it for client side what need ?
  13. i have seen all topics but i don't know what argument to setElementPosition Use in your Code use posX,posY,posZ Right ?
  14. i mean get forward position for player how ?
  15. hello i want make when player press b create object forward player and can all players see it
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