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  1. First of all, this was probably the biggest piece of incoherent crap I have ever read. Have you ever heard of the period? Second of all, just because two individuals choose to play as the same type of character does not make them a "team". I think, and I'm sure most would agree, that it would ruin the game if individuals were forced to team up with other players just because they happened to choose the same type of character. If you want a team game set up a private server and get one going, if not stop crying.
  2. it seems that you olready testing it... it will be soon i think... and thank ya... but the 0.1 have ALOT of bugs!!! Maybe you should put into consideration that it is version 0.1. Of course its going to be buggy, and 0.2 will be buggy too. If you are looking for the perfect Vice City multiplayer gaming experiance, it doesn't exist (yet). In the meantime sit and enjoy what you got. Believe me, the devs are working as hard as humanly possible to work things out.
  3. In general MTA works just fine for Windows XP. I suggest you completely uninstall GTA: VC and MTA, and do a clean install.
  4. What type of answer do you want? Learn HTML, maybe find yourself an HTML editor, make up a couple graphics, and throw it all together. That's basically where you'd start. What does this have to do with MTA or General MTA Discussion anyway?
  5. Looks good guys. Can't wait to see these new features in action
  6. So I guess it was schedueled by a leader then? I mean if Goat is a leader and all.
  7. I took 2-3, but TE chased me down like a bloody banshee in the night haha. It was a blast though.
  8. Thats a pretty general problem. Uninstall GTA and try reinstalling. Sounds to me like you tried installing mods or something. If you plan on playing MTA please do us all a favor and don't bother with the mods this time around. ...and yes, there is a 1.1 patch. You should probably install that if you intend on playing MTA. In the future why don't you try checking out Rockstar's website for stuff like that?
  9. Same thing happened to me. I uninstalled GTA, deleted all the left over files, reinstalled my soundcard drivers, restarted, reinstalled GTA, reinstalled MTA, and it worked. Definitely a bit overkill, but this is the only thing that did the trick for me. I think this problem has come up with a lot of people using Audigy cards, or the VIA onboard sound that comes on a bunch of Asus boards.
  10. There could be a lot of reasons for this. Maybe the server is full, maybe you're banned, maybe it's down. Your question was pretty broad, so I'll give you the best answer I know how... Try right clicking on Multi Theft Auto in the upper-right corner of your main All-Seeing Eye window and hit refresh. This should at least flush out any servers that might be down. Try sorting by players as well, that way you can get an idea what the traffic is like on the server you are attempting to join. Try joining a couple different servers, if that fails try reinstalling GTA and MTA. If you are still having problems after all of that maybe you should explore the possibility that there is something wrong with your connection... perhaps you're behind a firewall?
  11. Well for one thing, you should have chosen which files to download based upon which version of GTA you were playing. Obviously MTA: VC is not going to work for GTA3, and the same thing applies to the reverse. Now if you are planning on running your own server you are going to have to get either the linux or win32 server files. Depending upon your situation, you may also want to grab the admin panel and/or the server config tool. That's all you should need to get everything running at your desired settings. Toy with it for awhile, and if worse comes to worse refer to the FAQ or search around the forum a bit for previous threads which might help you come to a solution to your problem on your own.
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