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  1. Any idea on how to make a shader for this?
  2. Controlled


    Is it possible to make a window on a vehicle disappear? Like when you setPedDoingGangDriveby the window they use disappears. Is it possible to remove a window without doing a driveby? Example:
  3. Another bug, https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetElementsByType is a shared function, in your pack it is listed as server side only.
  4. Controlled


    Wouldn't work as getAccountName is a server function. You could make the file shared and the export shared.
  5. Controlled


    You only exported it server side, and from what I can see in what you use it for, you are using it client side with "localPlayer"
  6. Its not possible to remove the MD5 encryption. So you have to encrypt whatever the player put in the "Password" field of your login panel and compare it to the encrypted MD5 in the SQL.
  7. Controlled

    Just Ask

    https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?f=108&t=44652 Decent. Sync issues can be expected though.
  8. Having trouble understanding it... Can you give me a example?
  9. That would be the exact same outcome, just 5 seconds later. It wouldn't separate them by a time because your first loop is setting a timer really quick anyways....
  10. Is it possible to slow down how fast a loop runs? Normalling I know it just goes one after the other, is it possible to set some kind of delay there? Right now it causes the whole server to have some lag issues while it runs, I want to slow it down so it lasts longer but doesn't halt the server.
  11. use the argument postGUI or creating just before or after your dxdraw Thing is I need one DXDraw to be infront of other DXDraws lol.
  12. Is it possible to assign a dxdraw to the front or back? Like GUI elements? Or anyway around this?
  13. Would be nice to see what you can do
  14. Approximately is fine then, Thanks for the help!
  15. Does anyone know if this uses a set in game distance? For example meters? Or anyway to convert it to be the distance in meters?
  16. Its in your meta twice. Remove the duplicate.
  17. Don't know wtf your talking about.
  18. Or make a script to reload the ACL via cmd.
  19. He literally just explained how the client has to use his Awesomium client. It could be implemented into MTA at some point. But seriously just try for a second and read the replies he posted above.
  20. Missing https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Is ... oundToLoad
  21. So I put a table in a shared file for both server and client to add to. When I add something to the table in server side, table[row][2] = value It doesn't return in the client side. I tried syncing it with a function in the shared file like this: Shared: function syncTables(row, value, info) if row and value and info then table[row][value] = info end end Server: syncTables(1, 2, "Hi") Client: for key, value in pairs(table) do outputDebugString(value[2]) end Client will return nil whereas the server will return "Hi" properly...
  22. But does it assign the data to the element? It just doesn't appear as element data out of no where.
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