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  1. gta-vc.exe is the executable file for Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Typically it is found in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\gta-vc.exe That is the default location where the game should be installed to. Attention MTA Team... You know.... There are so many people who have trouble with telling MTA Client where the game exe is you should really set it to check the default directory. Also, it might be a good idea to include a scan of some sort to search for it on the harddrive. Too many people lack the basic computer skills to do what is required for that. It's just a simple recurring problem that too many people have. It may sound funny or pathetic to people who do know how to do stuff like this but there are alot of people who think "You put the CD in, click Install, then play the game". They don't know or understand the basics of computers like what installing actually does. No offence to anyone who has no or will have trouble doing that but it's true. I think my above suggestions would really help out and not cause so many problems for alot of people. no, that's rediculous.It's not so hard and i want to be able to choose which Vice installation i want to install on AND also my C:\ drive is just for windows, games are disk D:\ here
  2. lol, the correct answer is :Tap the horn button for a siren, then press for alternate siren
  3. very simple... en jeezes hoe schrijf je boot in het engels? inderdaad het is BOAT en niet BOTE what a mistaka to maka
  4. Yesterday everything worked fine; but today it's all messed up. My INGAME chat won't work, F10, F11, and such won't work... I rebooted my computer three times now and it makes no difference. It's really annoying so any help would be appreciated.
  5. Oh yes... it is very hard! It's cool playing online, and people see you standing on top of some building... Come on guys, post your pics here of the rooftop! I'd like to see some good ones! I dont consider myself as a cheater, I dont do stuff that others hate, or to be invincible, or very strong so i can kill everybody easily. I don't do that, I just go up on top of a roof and have fun! i thought using trainers locks up the game and lets it crash
  6. EagleEye812


    lol i downloaded the game be4 it was in the stores. thats not so much for a cable connection, certainly not ' a couple of days'...after that i bought it off a friend
  7. Yeah its easy to go there: just unplug your internet connection so the client disconnects from the server, and then you can use a trainer to get to the top of the building.
  8. To get in the back, make sure that someone is in the 1ste passenger seat (right side) and then go Passenger next to the 1st passenger door, he'll go to the back and go sit there
  9. I think boats are for "stupid pigs"
  10. Look . everyone is sooo addicted to this game eh I can't wait either, i'm thinkin 2-3 weeks but I don't know... By the way: quote from mr Bump
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