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  1. technically, I believe a cd crack might be considered illegal under the DMCA since it prohibits the circumvention of copy protection. This came up in the DECSS case when linux users wanted to watch DVDs.. they had to reverse engineer the dvd encryption process so they could decrypt... this was circumvention.. even though they may have purchased the DVD.. they were circumventing copy protection. DMCA (god love it) makes this illegal in the USA. Don't ask me about other locales. http://www.anti-dmca.org/ So.. just cause you purchased the box with a plastic cd that you stick in a computer to run a game... this does not mean you actually own the code and can modify it to circumvent copy protection. You just have a license to use it. Anyway, it don't matter, Rock* isn't going to sue you for using noCD crack.. I don't think. maybe.. They'd just sue whoever wrote the patch. elix0r0r0r
  2. well... it'd at least have to be 1.0 or something.. none of this beta business..
  3. don't be sad, monkeymunch, they just have no appreciation of simple life things. I want to see motor bike up palm tree. Oh, and stunts with fingers tied together be a little easy. Just try it, hold you fingahs together and see that you can reach most keys fine.. Now, trick using only one foot and ye nose.. thares a trick... BOOYAAHelix0-rrr
  4. what you geezers need is a real-live STUNT BATTLE. None of that send in the movie or .rep.. but you gotta pull that stunt with the crowd up and watching, when it counts. Youknow, there be rules like: maybe three try per stunt, pre agreed locations etc forum trash talk can take a walk! we need the real thing!!!!#$#$3 i am elix0r
  5. ah, hehe,,, it such a pain to do reinstall.. I just need to edit the .cfg.. eheh
  6. hey Cudda, did you get my PM wit me email? Send me that .cfg as an attachment. thanks.. I still think the Cudda Kine vid is one of most funny.. only so many plain old stunt videos to be done. I like it so much, I watch it again right now.. eheh.
  7. heh, it is by MOS Def song is "Speed Law", also check out "Travelin Man" The Mos Def is good hiphop that you wont hear on MTV.. most of their rap, hiphop smells like shit. I think the album is "Black on Both Sides" elix0r
  8. cudda k, send me that .cfg.. I'm looking to see exactly what can be done on a stock bike. I'll pm you one of my email addresses. Thargore, I'll get back to you on the success rate of ramping off palms (I assume you mean that instead of when I actually hit a tree in the air.. heh) I'm about as successful at ramping palms as I am at ramping regular spots.. though, that may be about %10.. who knows.. heh I like doing more low speed, consistent tricks. I'm not a fan of top speed, smashing into things and randomly landing. I feel like jumping palms and spinning off them can be codified .. elix0r0r0 [edited bad grammer and missing words..]
  9. oop, he probably was.. some reason I thought he was referencing my insistence that at lest the music in my vid was enjoyable. i think i'm too zoned out today... gotta step away from the machine.. .. after just a few more tricks.. it's possible i guess that the bike is lighter, I changed the .cfg around a lot at one point. Here it is: BIKE 500.0 0.8 1.8 1.2 0.0 0.05 -0.09 103 1.6 0.9 0.48 5 230.0 50.0 R E 15.0 0.50 0 35.0 0.85 0.15 0.3 0.01 10000 0.15 -0.16 0.5 0.0 10102 1 1 I did notice that I musta switched it from petrol to electric at one point and left it that way. Not sure what that does.. i think 500 is right for the bike. Though, I did top out the max speed at 230. If anyone has a stock handling.cfg, I'd be greatful to get it.. I screwed up my backup.. and modded it too.. elix0r
  10. now, elix0r must object... there is a secret to jumping cars.. don't be going too fast that you can't pull back to wheelie.. Also, right as you hit the car, press the lean forward key. There are really only two stunts that I count as absolute luck.. but even then I might be able to redo them. Mainly, the ones where I'm spinning in the air and I hit a pole once and a palm the other time... thus stopping or reversing the spin. Any ramp off of a palm I can do consistently.. I just have to watch my angle so I don't hit the water. The launches in the shipyard, off the steps and the chainlink fence are hard.. but once you figure out the angle to hit it at.. it is consistent. Ramping cars is a science. (the cubano cars are very easy to ramp) If you want to meet up and have me show you any of the tricks.. to see if I can be consistent.. I'd be willing to give it a shot. I could also make up a lot of .reps to send you from in the single player game of me ramping vehicles. Ramping vehicles seems a lot harder in MTA.. elix0r
  11. yah...heh, I'll send you a link just since I can't get anyone to comment on my video.. guess it is too slow for them to download from my home server.. or it sucks that much. tell me what you say, though, it is a stunt collection, and not a stunt video since it is work in progress.. I'm just more interested in doing some MTA stunting in collusion with others. (not just racing around doing 360s on an mTA server.) There's an enjoyable song in the least.. PM on the way..
  12. it's got a fun song to listen to so it won't be a total waste if you hate my stunts. I'm curious what people think of the few stunts in shipyard. (specifically, the bounce/launch off chainlink fence) I'm bored doing stunts in single player, Iwanna work on some stunts on multiplayer.. let me know if there's a specific stunt server out there somewhere. MS Internet Explorer: just "save target as" since it does the anonymous login automatically. otherwise... you gotta login as 'anonymous' on your own. it's a 26meg .wmv Also, I only got about 40 kb/s upload so.. if anyone wants to help host this file for the hell of it, feel free. Just post a link here.. please, thanks.
  13. i sent you a PM with a link to a stunt collection of mine.. don't give out the link ... the site admins get pissy iff more than so much traffic goes out in under three hours.. so I'm wary of posting the link.
  14. the elix0r does not soil his pants easily, but after that, I gotta change em cause I SHIT MY PANTS. I don' t know if its because of the hilarious song (after initially despising the song, I've grown to love it), the humor or what.. The modded cars were great. Not a fan of modded maps, like to keep the environment even. The grinds rock bottoms. You're hip to the moped tricks (me thinks they are hot since not many do em). The players skins you used were hilarious. the yellow car at airport trick was neat as shit. also, i think you get how cool little tricks can be, not everything at top speed. This indicates that you are a trick master. elix0r bows down to the cudda kine. elix0r P.S. I'll try to send you a link to a video of some of my stuff.. it ain't funny.. but some are okay, i think. Mainly, I'm too lazy to perfect my tricks so you could use the locations to do them appropriately.
  15. elix0r say, "pretty good movie." Me officially rate it somewhere between 4 and 5. Nose wheelies are cool.. grinds are good cause they are hard to do.. and even though I understand the desire to put in ones you don't land (oh if only I'd landed that 720 to grind off the back of that fucking porsche..) make sure they are the tops.. ie.. ones where people go BOOYAH... DAMN I WISH HE LAND IT!! nose wheelie to grind was good. spin/jump over airplane was tops, since I know how much of a pain it is to jump that corner.. me always happy to see people jumping off the police station signs, but why put in one where they fall? Moped tricks may be the only place to do original stuff.. though. Pretty damn good, I can't wait to get big gang chases going in the next MTA version. High speed chasing and top driving skills may be next direction for "stunt" videos to go.. elix0r also, i have a small stunt collection I started working on.. edited up with muzak. if you have a place for me to upload it.. let me know, I'd like to show that I can do some tricks too.
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