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  1. i find i can play with a 650-700 ping, but only just
  2. Bowling Needs 11 People 10 people are pins, they line up on the road in a standard triangular formation The remaining person stings it along the road, then bails his car into the group of people, maiming as many as possible... What do you think?
  3. yes, but then it would be the PC version thet you were playing which is not what this thread was originally about. You won't be able to run the XboX version from linux, and even if you could, the mod would have to be completely remade, allowing for the XboX version's memory adresses etc.
  4. if it ain't broke, don't fix it
  5. I'm Sad, I Lent out my copy of Vice, so I haven't played 0.2 yet...
  6. yeah, but usually if u r installing mods u know a little about the way the game works, and u know what car u actually installed over...... meh. i think im probably just dribbling random crap abot now...
  7. yeah, ive inly got a 20gb HDD so it makes things difficult...
  8. You can actually have them installed, but if you were to go onto them during play it would probably crash the server, or at least confuse a lot of people . The downsided is that if u do your textures will not function correctly, and you'll just see a lot of grey.
  9. I just love it when ur getting maimed and then suddenly kill 3 or 4 people around you...
  10. Intel = Meh. AMD roxors. I only have a Duron 1200, but it runs vice fine. In relation to the original topic, i see no reason why u shouldnt be able to run vice. easily. I run at 1024x768x32 with full draw distance and it runs at about 40 fps. Duron 1200 512 SDRAM Geforce4 mx420
  11. All things aside, CRC checking is an excellent idea. I Likes it muchly. BTW, i have had modified handling over the net as well without crashing anyone (it was only modified coz i forgot to change it back tho). Even so, CRC checking=good
  12. More Cars!!!!! There's never a car near u when u need one.
  13. Ok, I have proven it. It is NOT differences in handling files which makes MTA crash. A friend and I were playing over a LAN with the most different Handling files possible. It did not crash once. Our handling files were so different in order for us to 'train'. I had the Stinger set to 15000 acceleration and 20000 top speed. Other cars were as normal. He had the Stinger as normal, but the Pheonix at these stupidly high values. No Crashing. We even swapped cars with each other. No Crashing. This leads me to believe that Differences in hanling files are NOT responsible for MTA crashes. w00t!
  14. I must say that i cant wait for passengers, simply becoz i HATE getting stranded at the airport with nobody around to kill me so i can respawn...
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