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  1. *realizes that after a night with no sleep, posting on a message board is a bad idea*
  2. Well i guess it would be nice, because, well, this is the vice city forum
  3. Like i said im very new to photoshop, i did that the second day using it, its hard to get the lighting right in photos. Post away with yours. BTW photobucket.com has good hosting for free
  4. Hey guys, i just picked up photoshop the other day so i was playing around with it. I made a couple pics, definatly nothing special. The first one is the original and the other one is the photoshop. Anyways i want to see YOUR images![/img]
  5. i have true crime for PC and the multiplayer SUCKS SO MUCH, mta all the way, .4 looks perfect
  6. just wondering caus on all seeing eye there were about three peole.........
  7. sorry the uploader wasnt working, ill have to try later
  8. I made a new video, named slow motion, its my first video so nothing great, just thought id post and ask what you guys think of my first movie, im uploading right now so ill give link soon
  9. where??? where can i find it1?1!?!?!?
  10. i meant can you play them out of the game?
  11. this has to do with playing REP files.... can i play them out of vice city with a tool?
  12. Here is a funny one i just took, well its sorta funny
  13. heres a weird submarine i found and heres a ship i found too im not sure if you guys have found these but just something i wawnted to post
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