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  1. Nice work, congratz! Are you allowing contributors for the new community page?
  2. Hey! My friend can't open mta after reinstalling gtasa. I told him to run MTADiag and got this: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/310181529 I appreciate your help, thanks
  3. Hey, merry christmas guys! I really love this video, amazing! And well done MTA Devs and collaborators, thank you for continue this project, you're the best!
  4. Solved. It was oop attribute in meta, this break the module.
  5. Hey! My problem is simple but weird. I'm just doing sockOpen to my socket server but for some reason the server console throws: ' WARNING: Bad argument @ 'triggerEvent' [Expected element at argument 2]' I'm using Linux x64 module (https://nightly.multitheftauto.com/files/modules/64/ml_sockets.so) and my script is like: local discordSocket = sockOpen("myurl.xyz", 777); My socket server is in nodejs: var App = require('express')(); var server = require('http').Server(App); var io = require('socket.io')(server); server.listen(777, () => console.log("Escuchando puerto 777")); io.on('connection', function (socket) { console.log("Alguien se ha conectado!"); });
  6. Do you use MTA in fullscreen? Because when I frequently minimize it I realized that it drops fps. I don't know if it is just a coincidence or maybe it has something to do with.
  7. page_fault_in_nonpaged_area (fairplayKD.sys)
  8. Players of my server are reporting the same. It has just happened to me too. Still can't reproduce BSOD with ccw's instructions but this is my dump when I got the first BSOD: https://upload.mtasa.com/u/729634314/120217-30921-01.dmp_
  9. Hi! One friend needs help with a problem. When he tries to connect to a server, he is instantly disconnected. I hope you can help him. Thanks in advance. https://pastebin.mtasa.com/764020281
  10. Sasu

    Remaining Time

    I had already tested, and added some features. function onResourceStart () executeSQLQuery("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS vip (account TEXT, hours INT)") end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, onResourceStart) function isPlayerVIP (player) local account = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)) local query = executeSQLQuery("SELECT * FROM vip WHERE account=?", account) if (query) and (#query > 0) then return true else return false end end function getPlayerVIPHours (player) if (isPlayerVIP(player)) then local account = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)) local query = executeSQLQuery("SELECT hours FROM vip WHERE account=?", account) local hours = (tonumber (query[1].hours) - getRealTime ().timestamp)/3600 return hours end end function myHours (player) if (not isPlayerVIP(player)) then return exports.chgnote:createNote("You are not VIP", player, 255, 0, 0) end local hours, minutes, seconds = hoursToTime(getPlayerVIPHours(player)) exports.chgnote:createNote("You have "..string.format("%02d hours %02d minutes %02d seconds", hours, minutes, seconds).." VIP Hours", player, 0, 255, 0) end addCommandHandler("viphours", myHours) function addVIP (player, cmd, newVIP, hours) local target = getPlayerFromNick ( newVIP ) local adderName = getPlayerName(player) local targetN = getPlayerName( target ) if (not isElement(target)) then return exports.chgnote:createNote("There is no player with that name !", player, 255, 0, 0) end if (not hours) then return exports.chgnote:createNote("Please insert a valid hours !", player, 255, 0, 0) end hours = tonumber(hours) if ( not isPlayerVIP(target)) then if cmd == "addvip" then if targetN then if hours then local time = getRealTime() local timestamp = time.timestamp local vHours = timestamp+hours*3600 outputChatBox(adderName.." gave "..targetN.." "..hours.." VIP Hours !", root, 0, 255, 0) local acc = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(target)) executeSQLQuery("INSERT INTO vip(account,hours) VALUES(?,?)", acc, vHours) setElementData(target, "VIP", "Yes") end end end end end addCommandHandler("addvip", addVIP) --Return hours, minutes, seconds function hoursToTime(hours) if hours and type(hours) == "number" then local minutes = hours*60 hours = 0 while minutes >= 60 do minutes = minutes - 60 hours = hours + 1 end local seconds = math.floor((minutes - math.floor(minutes)) * 60) return hours, minutes, seconds end end
  11. Sasu

    Remaining Time

    Did you check if the column 'hours' was succesfully created? Use an application to see the table. Also in my script you can try to use outputChatBox to see what the variable 'hours' return.
  12. Sasu

    Remaining Time

    Did my method work?
  13. Sasu

    Remaining Time

    function round(num, numDecimalPlaces) local mult = 10^(numDecimalPlaces or 0) return math.floor(num * mult + 0.5) / mult end function getPlayerVIPHours (player) if (isPlayerVIP(player)) then local account = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)) local query = executeSQLQuery("SELECT hours FROM vip WHERE account=?", account) local hours = round((tonumber (query[1].hours) - getRealTime ().timestamp)/3600, 2) return hours end end
  14. I know it is SA:MP but that's not change the fact that it use GTA so if it possible there, in MTA could be too, of course it could have been added here or not. That's why I'm asking here. I have already searched but I didn't find them. Maybe because they're not objects as well but I thought that there may be another way to work.
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