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  1. I know your problem it does it to me in other games, your resolution is to high and graphics are to high you're fps skipping, in which you're not getting enough fps to film, try putting the resolution to 640x480 if your filming with fraps 1.9d that's the max resolution it will record in anyways so it looks better.
  2. it took me a little while to understand what was going on with the red circles, I didn't like that idea at all go with the in game shot of in the scope like you did before, the music was good fit perfect, after the red cirlce part of the money it was good, I like the differant ideas you had. 6/10
  3. 20mb 640x480 http://www.thegamersalliance.com/videos/crash-burn.wmv this was my first video I made, I was inspired by some of the other stunting videos I found, so I went out and tried to do original things, but it was hard to do original things because once I thought I did and I taped it and then watched some more videos I would see that those people already did it, so I tried my best here it is, I hope you like it. Please rate it.
  4. I really didn't like the music at all the singers voice was so annoying. the stunts were alright 7/10
  5. I start vice city and I can hear the music to the splash logos and opening movie. But when I go in to the game I hear no sound at all there's nothing it's really boring and then when I go to my options then audio it says I have no audio hardware but I know I have sound card why would it say that if I can hear the music to the opening movies? I try and reinstall it but it never works. Even when I go into my audio folder where my directory is I can see 1122 audio files. Can someone please help maybe I'm missing an audio file would someone be able to check there audio folder and see how many files they have? All you have to do is go to edit select all and then it will say how many there is. Thank You
  6. well you gotta think what part of the game were you when it happend were you in a mission or in the big city?
  7. thanks for taking the time to read and to tell the n00b whats going on
  8. whats the website url you found this out?
  9. yeah I can't believe you would think about running a server using 98/SE 2000 is the best choice no doubt
  10. Vice city runs smoother than 3 because of something they did to the engine or something I remember reading it somewhere. But I think that would make multiplaying easier than 3 you just have to get it up and running first. But here is a list of things I would not like and would like to see in MTA. I don't think there should be any of the old single player missions, I suggest making new missions where you have to have a gang fight another gang like traditional multiplayer games. A side to the other multiplayer missions where you fight gangs, you should have the vice city or 3 world where all players can meet and chat maybe find a way to have it so you can chat in the console. If this gets big I think people could make there own server have there own vice city world where they can add mods to it but I don't think we should put any mods like extra cars into the official MTA server. I think there should be a menu where you login and it will have a list of missions and servers you click the mission and then find a server and join and you play like 8v8 against people. So there wouldn't be all the same guy running around you should make it like Taxi drivers VS Police man or something like that and where you choose the weapon you get like only 1 person would have sniper rifle but it would alternate to the amount of people that want it, then there should be some standard weapon like the pistol that everyone gets and there should be guys with flame throwers. I have a lot more ideas I picked up from many other games and stuff if any of the staff at MTA wanna hear them I would be most honored to share them. I just think you should make it so gangs could fight other gangs where it could be only gun battles or a destruction derby leading to death where the last team standing wins
  11. if you need someone talk to me you can contact me through aim, irc, or e-mail
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