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    Are you happy now or have to ask for 20 more lines of code?
  2. [DKR]silverfang


    Yes, this is what the 'hacker' claimed to have done, to begin with, he said that he was doing it a different way when we called him up on it, he openly admitted that it was he that was doing it, and he seemed to get some kind of joy out of the fact that he was the only one who knew how to do it. He also claimed to have some form of serial generator, and we did ban him a few times (more than enough to hint that it wasn't a different comp each time) For a while this guy was a nuisance to us, but he then told us how to fix the resources with holes, freeroam and admin being the 2 biggest offenders, he even gave everyone one the server admin rights, so we had to stop the resource.
  3. The cheapest is claimed to be: MTAHostings Thread here: https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 15&t=26688
  4. I agree with robhol, But mainly I'm waiting for the ftp to be sorted.
  5. Do you know something? That script looks very familliar... Oh wait that's because it's MY moderator gui. I'd very much appreciate it if you didn't STEAL MY client scripts... Wow, to steal it is one thing, but to post it on a forum of scripters? Damn you are a fool. Oh and also you missed a bit from the top... --//// This script may not be shared under any circumstance's ////-- --//// More info can be found on [url=http://www.dkrclan.com/]http://www.dkrclan.com/[/url] ////-- --//// Copyrights ©DKR ////--
  6. *cough* Valhalla *cough*
  7. DO you get any errors? Is that in a function or on it's own? Also are x, y, z declared? We cannot help you if you don't try and help us.
  8. This looks very good, especially with the support for remote servers. Will there be syntax highlighting for MTA functions or is it only going to be lua syntax?
  9. Yeah I had the same problem, it was solved by this thread. Good Luck. https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 15&t=23996
  10. Yeah they're all talking about the MTA Nightly map editor, the author of this thread is talking about the alternative editor, hence my post.
  11. If you read the description it actually shows you where it stores the maps. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.html?p ... ails&id=84
  12. Also the server is never up apparently, 3pm-3pm
  13. Are you sure you weren't talking to robhol? Are You Sure?
  14. Oh dear. ...He was trying to help on this one he wasn't running around asking for money (whether sarcasm was involved or not)
  15. Move the event handler into the create window function after you create the exit button.
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