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  1. Hi. There are no markers for my teleports by default - you have to add them like so: teleport2:setMarker(5,255,0,0,255,"corona") This would create a red corona marker of size 5.
  2. tma

    A Few Suggestions

    Thank you for the reply. To answer: + onPlayerScreenShot: This request was primarily driven by the fact I script for a DD/DM server and one of the tricks was to spam screenshots so altering your lag and thus collision. I wanted to trap this to determine who was trying to gain an advantage by doing so. I appreciate that recently the screenshot taking code was enhanced, but it might still be useful. I could also see it being potentially used on an RP server. + fileRename(): Yeah, I do have the work-around running at the moment. I was just thinking that a proper rename function would be a cleaner method. It would also stop me having to copy of up to 2mb of data only to then delete it (I'm doing this in a Ghost Driver playback script where older recordings are kept for roll-back purposes when cheater recordings are found). + I have submitted issues for setCameraTarget() and onPlayerChat(). (Although the camera one appears to be a dupe)
  3. Hey, I just wanted to suggest a few things for consideration ... onPlayerScreenShot Event An event that is fired any time a client takes a screen shot, weather by a bind or /screenshot. fileRename() A server command to rename a file. Currently, you would have to copy the original file and then delete it. Ped as a camera target Currently, setCameraTarget() is limited to only players as targets. It would be really good if it could be set to other elements, especially peds e.g. for use in spectating a ghost driver playback. I'm not sure if these two are bugs/features but I will list them here ... + The onPlayerChat() event never seems to have a valid "client" value when it fires i.e. it's null. All other events seem to set "client" and "source" correctly so they can be validated to confirm that the correct client is firing the event. I don't know if there's a reason for "client" being null for this event but I thought I'd post it anyhow (this is present in 1.0.4 that I am using). + onTrailerAttach() doesn't seem to fire consistently for ped driven vehicles. It fires fine for normal players, but for peds, it only happens occasionally. Thanks - and still enjoying the mod after so many years.
  4. Thanks for the reply, Hankey. But that's a bummer. Is there a reason for this ?
  5. Hi, I do the scripting for a DD/DM server that uses the race resource, and one of the feature requests that's come up recently is the ability to change camera mode while spectating, as you can while playing (usually with 'v' or 'home' which are bound to 'change_camera'). Now, I can't seem to make this happen. On join or death, spectate seems to stay with your current view mode until you (re)spawn. Is there a way to do this ? Or is this just how MTA works ? I appreciate I could go to the trouble of modifying race to provide these camera modes (using the MTA API) but I'd just like an easy way to use the same functionality as when alive. Is that possible ? Thanks.
  6. tma


    Eesh, I have a lot of custom events. I take it putting something like: if not (client and source and (client == source)) then cancelEvent() return end at the start of each of your custom events would work ? Maybe a more generic system like in the freeroam example you gave would be a better idea. I still can't think of how custom code is done though. Yes, I can see them faking an event for someone else, but the stuff like ped spawning ? Thanks again for the info, Kayl.
  7. tma


    Yep, had that. Wow, really ? Thanks for the info. So I guess any logged in player with priveliges can be "attacked" ? The hack triggers an event for them so extra permissions are granted to do stuff ? Do you have a "normal" set of resources running ? i.e. nothing special ? I guess I will have to go through my code and change some stuff around ... Edit: Did you just edit your own resource to include this "client = source" check ? It's just that I'm not seeing how they run their own code. I mean, how does a hacker trigger an event for someone else to call what I assume is a custom-coded server event, that then does something it's not supposed to ? Say I have a server event that the client triggers to update their FPS. How can they use that to then run anything they like ? I could see how that would be a problem with the admin resource but that isn't even running and we've still got the problem.
  8. tma


    The runcode resource is not on the server.
  9. tma


    Also, does this account: <account name="Console" password="" /> need to exist ? It seems to be in by default (at least on my local PC) but is it needed for things to work correctly ? (We don't use the server console at all). Can that be exploited ?
  10. tma


    Yeah I thought at first someone might have admin/ftp access but the passwords were changed to combat this. I checked the server log file also, looking for anything to do with "ADMIN:" but only found the usual bans / muting etc. I have seen this problem on another server also.
  11. tma


    Hey Norby, thanks for replying. The hacker problem I am referring to is not (?) s0beit as mentioned - the issue is random events. This has taken the form of: + Random ped spawning + Random vehicle changes + Gravity changes + Screen shaking I tracked this down initially to the fact that somehow, the admin resource on the server had been modified to include "extra" code. It had been amended to one of the admin resource LUA files. When I stopped this (removing the offending code), they then modified the meta.xml of the admin resource to include their own file. I do not know how they are modifying resource files, but I zipped up the admin resource to try and stop it. All seemed OK for a while, but yesterday it happened again (vehicle changing and camera shaking). I've tried tracking this down in a number of ways including examining client commands to see if "dodgy" things are going on - this is how I initially found the exploited admin resource - they were issuing commands to the extra code they had added. However, since yesterday I haven't so far found any iffy commands (or altered resources) so I'm currently at a loss how this is happening still. Do you know how they might do this ? Do any resources have possible exploits ? I have tried stopping various resources, especially those with raised admin privileges but it seems to not help. I can post the code they added to the admin resource and an example of the commands they were running if that helps ? I don't think we're running the latest version of the admin resource, but I have been through the one we have to remove all possible holes - mainly removing anything to do with the use of loadString().
  12. tma


    Hey, I was just wondering where the best place to ask about people hacking was ? I'm not talking about s0beit as that can be easily seen - but by spontaneous events happening in the server. Should I post about the problem here ? Thanks
  13. Your variable 'Player' isn't defined so use something like: Player = getLocalPlayer() before your setElementHealth() call.
  14. Is the image in your post the actual one in use ? It has dimensions 361px × 305px ? If so, try padding the image out to 512x512. Graphics cards are designed to work best/accurately with textures that are square and sized in powers of 2 e.g. 128x128,256x256. Sometimes, when they're not, the hardware will interpolate the data incorrectly during scaling and give you errors like this. I had the same problem embedding a logo bottom right in my mod - moving the texture up to 512x512 solved the issue.
  15. function Script_onMapLoad () barrier = createObject (968, 1544.714966, -1630.837036, 13.317049, 0,90,90) end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), Script_onMapLoad ) addCommandHandler ( "open", function(player,cmd,...) outputChatBox ( "Barrier up!", player) moveObject ( barrier, 2000, 1544.714966, -1630.837036, 13.317049, 0,-90,0 ) end ) What was wrong: + You missed commas out on the moveObject() call + You angle parameters to createObject() and moveObject() where in radians not degrees + The incorrect use of outputChatBox() (as mentioned before)
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