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    Almost 3 years of this thread.. wauw
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    Okah, thanks for the oscar.
  3. engineLoadTXD and engineLoadDFF requires only 1 argument which is the path of the file you are replacing. Which simply means remove the skin ID number from these functions in your script.
  4. Perfect


    function hudChanger () showPlayerHudComponent ("radar", false ) showPlayerHudComponent ("ammo", false ) showPlayerHudComponent ("weapon", false ) showPlayerHudComponent ("area_name", false ) showPlayerHudComponent ("wanted", false ) showPlayerHudComponent ("wanted", false ) showPlayerHudComponent ("money", false ) showPlayerHudComponent ("health", false ) showPlayerHudComponent ("clock", false ) showPlayerHudComponent ("vehicle_name", false ) -- This is vehicle_name not vehiclename outputChatBox("Huds has been disabled", 0, 255, 0, true) -- Replace with message you want to show in this format end addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), hudChanger )
  5. Congrats and good luck. And if you thought of selling your scripts ever again. For god's sake, don't forgot to provide screenshots, proof your trustfulness, and answer people's question in the topic. As you have wasted a lot of time due to that reasons.
  6. onWeaponFire getPlayerTeam() getTeamName() cancelEvent() Check their examples on the wiki and try to make a script out of these functions.
  7. I have some experience and experiments regarding to lag as I played MTA SA in a low-end computer i.e. notebook, which has only 1 GB ram, 1.6 GHz cpu processor, windows xp and cherry on the cake, a slow internet connection. I don't have much knowledge about it but I may say lag is related to internet speed as well hardware, which you guys may already know. I have a visited a server which has huge graphical things like sharders, car models, etc... So whenever I see at long distance, maybe a car few meters away from me, I lagged and when I stared myself at a particular thing and not so many such as only a wall, road, sky, etc.. my lag decreases and my fps increases. The difference is from 5 FPS to 30 FPS. This is one of the way to increase your flips and reduce lag though you will not be able to play or enjoy your game but can chat with your friends without these 'timed out' messages and computer freezing issues. Secondly, I have also discovered that entering a interior does also reduce lag. And thirdly, whenever there is a crowd of vehicles(not sure about peds/players), particularly in freeroams where trollsplayers spawns lots of vehicles at spawn points, gets pretty laggy and sometimes even computer froze for second together. The lag reduces as you walked away from the crowded area, proportional to the distance between you and the crowded area. Finally, whenever I used to join a server which has huge player base i.e >100 such as SAUR, there was a frequent lag. The proof for this is the player fault and not the server is that I join the server once when it has less than 50 players in it and the lag was disappear. Not sure about the players/peds but yes, 50 cars on same spot at same time at same place as you, may lag you or freeze,crash,'timed out' your computer as per my experience.
  8. Hmm, I got it. It does makes sense. Looks like you are trying to make a 'hackers union' or similar thing or maybe trying to enjoy yourself so call 'MTA SA hack' in your own server. As far as I know, MTA allows the ability to enable/disable cleo modes for servers. But I don't think it does for hacks/cheats such as cheat engine. Last time I used a trainer/hack was in 2011, that was when I first discovered MTA, so I don't remember if it did ban instantly or after joining a server but if its formal, in my opinion MTA should allow server owners to decide about enabling/disable cheats/hacks similar to cleo modes and also about banning hackers/cheaters because sometimes cheats are fun. Ofcourse if it didn't put the WHOLE MTA or other servers at risk.
  9. What a attitude, Each. I can imagine the result, if i brought some of your scripts and have some problems with it. It was okay as long you were defending yourself as for false accusation but insulting? Sorry Each but you got a negative point form me too.
  10. Do you think a game will tell you stop from playing? I don't think so, a game need more players to play in.. As far as I know game don't talk, at least in my case. Jokes apart, you are going in right direction. Lets summarize what we have got so far:- 1. It can mean as Kariiim said. Stop playing with yourself is same as stop playing alone, thus the MTA is telling us stop playing alone and feel the fun of play with your friends and LYAO. It is correct as MTA is a multiplayer game, thus it is showing the so-called 'Slogan' for some sort of self-promotion, it is telling you to invite your friends and play with them. 2. It can also mean as John Smith said. Stop playing with yourself is same as stop playing playing with your thing, in some sense. As GTA is a 18+ game, it is applicable but MTA is played by even 10+ so it is less likely and also MTA have no right to tell you to stop playing with your thing. Hope, we are all clear now. Any other theories are welcome.
  11. You have to press RMB to select a window and all the other GUI elements and LMB button to create them. You can change their properties by pressing RMB.
  12. Perfect


    What you really mean by a object?
  13. Check if you have cheat engine, sobiet or such type of things. If you don't have any of the above things then try installing MTA SA in fresh copy (which don't have samp in it) of GTA SA.
  14. For that you have to use: getVehicleEngineState
  15. addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function () local theVehicle = getElementsByType ( "vehicle" ) setTimer ( function ( ) for theKey, theVehicle in ipairs ( theVehicle ) do if isElementInWater ( theVehicle ) then blowVehicle ( theVehicle ) setTimer(destroyElement(theVehicle), 29000, 1) end end end, 30000, 0 ) end )
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