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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for a scripter I will pay for him/her to script, if your interested pm me and we will discuss further
  2. Hey, I have played on servers and seen user panels and various scoring systems for the game-mode race, when I say race I mean DM (Deathmatch) servers. I would like to know how much it would cost to have one of these made for me or can I buy one already made?
  3. hi, I want a gamemode scripted how much would it be routhly i want a cops and robbers.
  4. i tryed it and got bad arguements exports [ "scoreboard" ]:addScoreboardColumn ( "Money", 3 ) -- Add the "Money" column to the scoreboard. exports [ "scoreboard" ]:addScoreboardColumn ( "TimeAlive", 4 ) -- Add the "Time to the Scoreboard" column to the scoreboard. local time = {} local timerInc = setTimer(incTimes,1000,0) local scoreboardName = "scoreboard" -- scoreboard column name is.. function playerSpawned() time[source] = 0 end addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn",root,playerSpawned) function incTimes() for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do time[v] = time[v] + 1000 setElementData(v,scoreboardName,tostring(time[v] / 600)) end end
  5. ok ill try make it clearer i dont want a new scoreboard listen people i want score in this picture to be made e.g. (i hold TAB button and i see players scores) when i press tab and see scores, the scores needs to be how long a player has been alive for. e.g if a player has lived for 3 minutes the score will be 300, if that player dies score is reset to 0, to win you must reach 500 = 5 mins if they win they win 22000 and popup says you are the Winner ! once they have won map changes to another race map.
  6. I just need a way for the game to end by someone winning e.g i last for 5 mins without dieing so i win 22000 and the map changes to another map loosers win 500 for good effort i need the time counting up so players know whos wining if anyone want skype is richard.duberry
  7. no i used that image to show you how the scoring worked with the time
  8. no not a copy my own version of it theres no version on mta this will be the first
  9. im making a sumo server i need to finish it to open it to public i need time alive on scoreboard when you win, you win $22000 to win you must last 5 minutes without dieing you die and your time resets and start counting backup to 5 minutes again when you the person wins 22000 load another race map people that loose get 500 for good effort this image is an example of what im looking for where its says "score" thats the time counting up to five mins
  10. hey i have been working on this script for sometime now and i am wonderin why it isnt working the way i want it to it gives me 25000 every 5 mins, i want it to give 25000 to the person whos lasted 5 mins without dieing once per round. i added RaceMode.endMap but it doesnt end the map function winGame() if isTimer(timer) then destroyElement(timer) end local userdata = source timer = setTimer(function() givePlayerMoney( userdata, 25000) outputChatBox("Congratulations You Have Won, Your Reward 25000!") RaceMode.endMap() end, 300000, 0) end addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), winGame ) function control() resetTimer (winGame) end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), control )
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