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  1. thx for fixxing norby, now everything works fine^^ ...
  2. thx norby, your script works ! ^^ but the command /delcommand doesn´t work and i think it would be better when only admins can use this command... ^^
  3. Hey everyone out there, here´s my next request : i want to have the well-knowned "!addcommand !commandname REAKTION" command in mta : dm i think everybody of you know it from mta : race ^^ could somebody try to make this for mta : dm ? MFG + THX Gr00vE
  4. Hey everyone, i´ve got another request : is it possible to have these $ - pickups like in gta : sa singleplayer in mta ? ... that when a player dies he drops a $ - pickup with all his money in it. and when someone else pick it up he will get this money ...^^ so, is it possible and could somebody please try to make it for me ? ps: it would be nice, if the pickup will be the same like in gta sp ^^ THX Gr00vE
  5. i think he wanted to ask if you can convert your prs and/or pgs script into lua, scooby
  6. yeah nice map Hedning ! i don´t know your other maps, so i can´t say anything about that^^...
  7. sry for this very nooby question but how i can spawn a ramp?
  8. ok, i will do that tomorrow, today, i´ve got no time anylonger ^^
  9. thanks for that info, i didn´t know that before! i will tell it to all my members and to the users of my servers^^
  10. @ szlend : im sorry but both scripts don´t work
  11. yeah, that looks realy nice hankey, i will test it ! btw. : i don´t thought that you can script so well in lua ...^^
  12. that´s a nice feature, i don´t know anything like that^^ i will test that later with 10 players or so
  13. yes, for example my friend never could play mta dm because he couldn´t get a serial ^^ -.-
  14. Hey everyone, is it possible to create a command for admins to set the write - collor for the players and that this collor will be saved? like this: and it would be nice too, when the collors will be saved in a .xml file to reload it everytime when the player with the nick joins ^^ thx if you can do that
  15. that means that his serial is banned and he can´t play anylonger with his current account - on almoast all servers ^^
  16. nice one dragon, i played it almoast the hole day yesterday! ^^ go on like this ! MFG DSC-L|Gr00vE
  17. yeah norby89, this script works realy fine! me and my members tested it and every time it was right...^^ big thx and with the code of it, i can do some other nice scripts for my servers
  18. very nice sansor ! ^^ but i think the same like dragon : it will be toooo big to go on every places and i don´t think that sometimes in my live there will be 128 people on my server ... ^^
  19. nice job guy ! i think with some people on the server, this will be very funny ^^
  20. nice script, szlend, i will test it! Edit: hey, that script doesn´t work for me... ^^
  21. hey, i´m not shure, but i thing you must put <help popup="no"> instead of your code at the top of your code from the help.xml^^ i haven´t tested mine yet but i think that is your mistake... ^^ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT! : yeah, i tested it and on my server, it works perfect ^^
  22. @CJGrove : yeah, this converter works pretty good, i have converted show ya skillz and some other small stunt maps into the broph freeroam! but the problem is that i cant use the race map - editor anylonger because i´ve got vista now... -.- i want the new race editor! -------------------- and for your map ( i´ve tested it now ) : it´s quiet good, go on working like this and release other nice maps here! ^^ i´ll show if i can convert for example wankenstein, then i will post it here
  23. that´s look´s nice too ---> TESTING ! ps: do you have the official map editor or where do you have the maps from ?
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