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  1. that server has multi maps. mine will have all of san andreas in a total war. diffrent countrys occupie diffrent bases that are made.
  2. thank you gugli. and bmat i think you misunderstood what i said. its not the first war server but the first server that is open world war like samp has. It dont matter because my computer went out so its still postponed intill i get a computer i can run a server off of. I might be able to start beta testing and early map tests. i may post a time on this site so if people want to check out the map and stuff they can. i will put it on a few days before.
  3. You have a point. IM not really shure. Currently i dont have a job so i dont have the funding to get this up and running. when i had my zombie server i found a scripter that would do work for free and used my server as a showcase of what he can do so if anyone asked him if he was a good scripter before they hire to make a script he could say "i scripted the first open world war game on mta." and then have them check it out.
  4. Im just a mapper. i also relize that no one one will script for free so if i give the scripter full control of the pay pal account he can collect any donations made to the server as his own to script what i want. and also recive credit on the site and server so people no that they do good work.
  5. I was wondering slothman if you could make an admin toggle for zombie free zones so you could zone off a city and give everyone like five minutes to get guns and life then toggle zombie free zone on admin menu so the zombies would come into the city. mabe put a fence around a city and make gates open up win you toggle the zombies? Im not exactly a scripter or id try to do it.
  6. I finally got internet back so i plan on starting back into it as soon as i get my mta computer up and runing. Currently im looking for anyone who wants to help with the server. If any scripters are willing to volinteer you may control and make the servers paypal witch would have a link on the website and a link in corner of the game. anything donated the scripter can keep. I want this to be the first open map style warfair game on mta. at first i only want to use the 3rd island los ventures as kinda like a middle eastern country cause the sand. im shure i will come up with more ideas and anyone that has a good idea if they read this feel free to post.
  7. currently my computer dont have internet so i can take screen shots to post. i will keep working on the map and it should be on in about a month.
  8. I was working on the first mta war server and i moved so i dont have enternet right now.i should get it with in the next few mounths but im not for shure when i will get it. My mom also died recently and i havent hade much time. I got the map done all i need is a scripter and the server will be done. when i get enternet agin there are a few scripts i am going to be looking in to pay someone for 1. i want it so the tanks, rustlers, and hunters have a small delay between missles and a limit of bullets 2. I want a radar that shows the vehicles health, speed, ammo andif the guns are going to over heat 3. make it so the guns over heat after a sertain amount of time like 30 sec than you have to wait 30 sec 4. make vehicles that drop flairs drop little bombs 5.make team america, germany, iraq, russia and asia. Thats all the ideas i have currently when i get enternet back i will talk more about this and i might have more ideas. If you like this idea please comment back so i know if i should keepworking on this, if you want to join the team than ask and i will get back to you probally by the end of this mounth. thank you, Juggalo101
  9. yea. i understand. my problem is that i am working on mta first war server and there isnt much to work with in community. my server makes no money cause its currently down till i get a team spawn script.
  10. lol. im not seting any rules for them. just incase they try to take over my server. it would make the script better 2 so he asked for sugestions and i gavve him one.
  11. I dont understand scripting and it dont matter who i give admin cause i host my self and i can take anyone off the acl if the dissobey the admin rules.
  12. Now when i spawn it puts me above mount chilland
  13. everything is working out fine besides the fact that i cant script. im trying to learn but i cant figure it out. i need a scripter for my server
  14. I understand i shouldnt need my own spawn resource but since its the first mta war server and im going to have to have a place were you pick what team you on i think it is needed. Im really bad at scripting. i made a spawn resource and it wouldnt work for some reson. ill look at the resource and see. thank you juggalo101
  15. the more the better. im working on it right now and everthing is going well everyone that posted a admin request is now site admin and needs to go to admin chat in fourm and post there in game names or set a time to go on to the server.
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