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  1. I had this problem the other day,but for me a window popped up and asked if i wanted to automaticly fix this problem,then a download began,should have happened for you.
  2. Nice,good job devs n everyone else who helped
  3. Google translator fail? No idea what i'm reading here.
  4. well this object only works if you have alot in the same place,and ram into them with a heavy vehicle,like a dumper or somthing.
  5. This object your looking for is under Military>kmb_mine The object id is 2918.
  6. Click "Locations" Botton It looks like this -->
  7. =RM=Mario

    MTA and SAMP

    Sa-mp wouln't have all those stunt servers without MTA,Tho all Sa-mp players say mta sucks and has bad sync, why are they using mtas map editor? They should just stop using MTAs map editor and use thier own crap commands to map thier objects. They know MTA is better,they just stick with sa-mp because the player count. Yeah sure they have a rule not to discuss mta,but when they talk about MTA's map editor its ok? They have MTA written all over thier fourms
  8. =RM=Mario


    Thanks for your useless comments...
  9. =RM=Mario


    There not disabled,have you seen dragons xxx script in comminty resoources,it uses those anims,tho some players say that they dont see the anims,but i see it
  10. =RM=Mario


    soooo,theres no list where i can find the anims...
  11. =RM=Mario


    Hello,i was lookin thur anims in wiki,and i noticed hot coffe anims arent there ,iv seen em used,why arent they in the wiki?And where can i find em
  12. No,its doing same thing,music plays even tho im not inside col shape,if im outside it,its not sopose toplay music,but its playing the music anyways,i did what you told me
  13. Alright,so i made this script to when you enter area in the desert for a DM map music would play,But when i start resource music plays no matter where on the map im at,i want the music to play when you Enter the col shape and, for it to turn off when you leave it,but isn't working,Thanks for help in Advance DesertMusic = playSound("Music.ogg", true) setSoundVolume(music,0) col = createColRectangle (-33.328407287598, 2004.6947021484, 17.640625,50) function EnterDesert(theElement, matchingDimension ) if ( theElement == getLocalPlayer() ) then setSoundVolume(music,1) end end addEventHandler ( "onClientColShapeHit", col, EnterDesert) function LeaveDesert(theElement, matchingDimension) if ( theElement == getLocalPlayer() ) then setSoundVolume(music,0) end end addEventHandler("onClientColShapeLeave",col,LeaveDesert)
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