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  1. Capsinurass

    The White Rabbit

    New video on the asciipartyrabbit youtube channel Edit: the letters on the video are ":resu" in that order.
  2. Capsinurass

    The White Rabbit

    I think we haven't got all the info out of the paste bin text. What have you been using to get sound out of the picture?
  3. Capsinurass

    The White Rabbit

    lol the Morse code says "the competition is over" hmmm i guess I'm a bit late on this hunt. (for the white rabbit ) the Morse code could say something else if i made a mistake. But its my best guess..
  4. Capsinurass

    The White Rabbit

    Yeah and someone is talking at the end. Cant hear what they are saying
  5. Capsinurass

    The White Rabbit

    Well after much wtf'ing at this page i found out a few things first off "P3Y9eUxOcTdTOUtjSFUj" are all in bold "B64" is in italic B64 means Base 64 so decode the top string from base 64 "?v=yLNq7S9KcHU#" Looks a bit like a youtube link to me i guess you can do the rest if you to lazy
  6. Yay!! Its working now! I'd be willing to work on 0.5 SCM-wise, but I would need some C++ people to handle the client. First thing I'd do (assuming I got someone to work on the client) is fix the server browser, add my VC SCM update, add Steam's version of VC/GTA3 support (somebody said this was a simple check of the game .exe version before I believe so that should be easy), and release that after further testing. Then we'd go from there. Of course, a VC module for Blue would be a significantly better option in the long run but until somebody decides to undertake that, then 0.5 seems to be our only short-term option. Yeha i would be nice to have and upto-date MTA Blue core working with VC. But that would be no easy task, although most of the code could be used from SA you would have to find the Mem Adresses and crap like that for VC.
  7. Well i cant get BBCode to work, i cant see no button to turn it on and my board preferences has it on by default. So yeah.. I even opened IE to see if it was FF fault, but no it still says its off.
  8. Yeah wtf BBCode isnt working.. wtf!! To lil Toady: Nice to see your not stupid . To GNeoncore: yeah im useing Studio 2008 and got tons of error aswell, but with some time i have got it down to 5 errors and 4 warnings.
  9. This is both good and bad news, this means increased development and better releases, but the bad is, with anything open source means that the hackers can view the source code and make it easier to find security holes. Do you guys (MTA Team) have a plan on how to keep these hackers under control?
  10. ok thanks for that, anything about the serials?
  11. Why isnt there a client side event for hitting a marker, you can create a marker but not check if someone hits it..... So this is a request to have it put in or if someone can tell me another way of doing it.(but i realy dont want to have to put a col shape were the marker is to check if it is hit.) Also how do you allow people that dont have a serial into your server? i coundnt find anything on the wiki or forums for eather of there issues..
  12. Try this.. http://development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=Interior_IDs
  13. Try this.. http://development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=Interior_IDs
  14. you should try.. setElementInterior ( player, 15) setElementPosition ( playerVehicle, -1400.5998535156, 996.78350830078, 1043.6085205078 ) and add a rotation to it.. setVehicleRotation ( playerVehicle, 0, 0, 0 )
  15. you should try.. setElementInterior ( player, 15)setElementPosition ( playerVehicle, -1400.5998535156, 996.78350830078, 1043.6085205078 ) and add a rotation to it.. setVehicleRotation ( playerVehicle, 0, 0, 0 )
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