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  1. Every time my friend plays this online he is the SWAT man skin. And every single time i can never see him. or anyone else for that matter. and he cannot kill me i cannot kill him and this has happened every single time to him. He is always the SWAT officer and is invisible. Is there any way to fix this??
  2. Ok... so im playing MTA:VC some dood shoots up my car and i destroys it, gets back in his own car and drives off. I spend literally a good 10 mins searching for a car. i Know u guys have put a lot in but just not in any heavily populated places. If u could release a patch or something with the passenger code so my friend could drive me to another car or something, cuz i cant go on the roof of others cars, i just fall off. Well thats my idea. comments?
  3. wheezy ur number 7 is wrong game will crash regardless of PC or warez copy or original
  4. just try your best im sure it will come out looking great!
  5. seriously the level of lag for me is enormous. is it on my part??? or do u all experience this???
  6. thats because ur download is not fully complete.. im getting the same problem as well. can some1 post this up so we can have a decent mirror hosting it? i would really like to see this!
  7. GTA:world will most likely come out on XBOX 2 as it will probably be the only console with the horsepower to run it. juss cuz u own a less powerful ps2 doesnt mean that it wont come out on it either. its probably likely tho that it will come out in sonys next console installment as PS2 does not have any power whatsoever to even run halo. i dont believe that any company in the future will own GTA, its probably gonna be a competition to see who can run it the best. edit: why do most of u believe that this is BS??? juss cuz its Microsofts turn to make GTA great??
  8. Since u guys have access to the 0.3b i would like to ask of the lag?? is there any? have u tried with multiple people, is it ok??? and does it ruin the gameplay? thank u for your time
  9. if that was me.. id take out the cpu fan and use it as deathstars and chop off all their heads, and then i would be laffing at them id scrounge up all of the sharpest pieces and stab them all
  10. will 0.3b work wit no cd cracks?? i crack all of my games because cds are stupid and pointless unless ur installing a game
  11. who wants to play games wit 56k??? its full of lag and usually u get bitched at by others so it juss makes u wanna leave
  12. Ive searched for a while for this so dont flame..... i was just wondering if in 0.3 we will have to get out of the car and enter another one and the same with the other computer, that whole dealy in the FAQ part of the website. will it be like that in 0.3??
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