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  1. Edit this resource for DD/DM maps please
  2. And where i can download mta server version for Debian 64?
  3. Hello i have Debian 64 bit and i use this tutorial for start server viewtopic.php?f=106&t=32833 And i have error message ./mta-server: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Please help me. Sorry for my english.
  4. Thx for u and JasperNL=D ... solved
  5. Hello can u help me? I have easy point system (from JasperNL=D) and i want to add Points to scoreboard. So i use addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function() exports.scoreboard:addScoreboardColumn("Points") end) and please how i can add Points to Column Points? In points resource what i have its points saved in users.xml. Or functions what i need. Sorry for my english
  6. Bazim

    Map Ratings

    Dont work i download maprating in mtaserver.conf i edit <resource src="mapratings" startup="1" protected="0" /> <resource src="mapratings_report" startup="1" protected="0" /> <resource src="race_toptimes" startup="1" protected="0" /> And after map start no see map rating. Only in server is mapratings_report\server.lua:18: addEventHandler: This handle already exists
  7. Bazim

    Map Ratings

    Hi i search resource for map rate like /rate 1-10 with ratings saving. Does anyone know anything?
  8. Thx you very much but i have next problems with money system in this resource. Sometime someone dont get money for win. Or sometimes winner get 2x 2500 or get money somewhere else. How this ressource set corretly to DM maps? (maps where is finish get hunter) EDIT // Wrong topic sorry please delete
  9. How i can delete from this scoreboard checkpoint? please i see in others race server and he no have in scoreboard "checkpoint" sry for my english
  10. Bazim


    Broph yeah ok thx you.
  11. Bazim


    Please where i can download freeroam mod like as on littlewhite server?
  12. My ircr eunning on linux server. Can I give permissions someone else without the name, which connect?
  13. Can I have last question? How add someone admin rigts on my irc channel? Because admin rights have just person with nick in the script. I cantt edit that scriipt again.
  14. Yeah! Very thx you! Very very very good script! Very Good Work!
  15. I have same problem (unable to find and invalid ELF problem) and i redownload this pack. Please say me tutorial for linux.
  16. 4 VRocker: when it will be complete for linux?
  17. Where i can download this mods?
  18. thx, I see. That message is sending every second just once. 1) How can i set up. sending message to infinite? 2) Can be message colored?
  19. Hello i have this script -- define function to be called function delayedChat ( text ) outputChatBox ( "Delayed text: " .. text ) end -- set a timer so the function is called after 1 second setTimer ( delayedChat, 1000, 1, "Hello, World!" ) And any sec. is to do send text Delayed text: Hello, World! but there's nothing doing.
  20. Console me say Unable to find modules/ml_ircecho.dll: invalid ELF header wtf? But I have that modul in dir modules.
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