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  1. function matrix(thePlayer) if exports.global:isPlayerHeadAdmin( thePlayer ) then local x, y, z, lx, ly, lz = getCameraMatrix(thePlayer) outputChatBox( tostring(x) .. ", " .. tostring(y) .. ", " .. tostring(z) .. ", " .. tostring(lx) .. ", " .. tostring(ly) .. ", " .. tostring(lz), thePlayer) end end addCommandHandler ( "matrix", matrix ) You should see what that outputs. It might be best if people actually read the wiki page and learn the command syntax of functions before trying to help people with their "knowledge".
  2. Awwu


    I also like turtles.
  3. Awwu

    The White Rabbit

    Using this: http://www.elisanet.fi/victorx/BitmapPlayer.htm with Inverse fourie with block size at 512, range 60 dB, sampling 44100 and transpose 0 Hz, I managed to get an audio track like this from the picture in megaupload: http://awwu.sparksptpm.co.uk/Stuff/picturesound.wav which sounds like this without the background fuzz: http://awwu.sparksptpm.co.uk/Stuff/picturesound_clear.wav Does it make any sense, or is it just random luck? Help would be nice. =D
  4. You could try this one and see if it returns the same values (tested through lua demo for syntax, didn't test in game). function tocolor( r, g, b, a ) a = tonumber( a ) or 255 return tonumber( string.format( "0x%X%X%X%X", a, r, g, b ) ) end
  5. As Dragon already stated, the easiest way would be to just replace the old scoreboard with this one, renamed to scoreboard. It's backwards compatible so you shouldn't need to change anything in the race gamemode itself.
  6. A little update is here again. Changelog is here: - Added option to make the scoreboard be toggleable instead of holding the button - Fixed a bug where gamemode/server info display could fail if mapmanager wasn't running - Added content color option to settings - Made the text shadows alpha adjust along the colors - Made the click event cancelable Download at the [community page].
  7. Ok, it's there now. I also added a couple of more features to make the update worth it. - Added event onClientPlayerScoreboardClick to recognize the clicks - Added ability to highlight/select rows - Added highlight color option to settings - Added scoreboardGetSelectedRows to get selected rows
  8. Well it might take a while to "decrypt" the map editor code to suit my needs but I promise I'll add it. =D
  9. There's nothing wrong about it. I just always thought that adding a too big button would make it look ugly. Now that I've realized that it would be better that way for the users, I added it the way you suggested. It actually looks cool enough now. New version downloadable at the community. useless1: You'd need to either the addScoreboardColumn functions from the race resource or remove them manually with the removeScoreboardColumn/scoreboardRemoveColumn functions. Race will propably re-add the columns at certain intervals so I suggest to just remove the adding from the race. If you're not using the race resource, those columns are not even added so it shouldn't be a problem.
  10. Yes. It should work. It's actually what most people using this resource do. Just go to any of the race servers and you'll see.
  11. It's the "button" to open the scoreboard settings windows. I guess I need to make a helpmanager help file for the resource. People have been asking about that too many times.
  12. Excuse the rapid update but I just wanted to fix some of the issues. There's a new release available and the changelog is here: - Made the color-code parsing a bit better. Now supports name with many color-codes and positions them properly in the name. - Added scale option to settings window (to make the scoreboard bigger/smaller). - Added ability to alter fonts used in the scoreboard to settings window. - Added a shortkey to settings window, by default it's F7 (works only when scoreboard is visible). - Made the drawing generally better. Downloadable at the [community].
  13. Just uploaded a new version which fixes and adds some stuff. Here's the changelog. - Made the drawing of the scoreboard be time-based instead of frame-based. Now it won't take longer for it to draw the scoreboard in low-fps situations. - Added a draw speed setting to the settings window. - Added a server-side option to enable colorcodes in front of nicks to be used as primary display colors in the scoreboard. Can be found from meta.xml. This way names will shop up as Awwu instead of #FF00FFAwwu in the scoreboard. If you just want to remove the colorcodings, add this to some resource (client-side). addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(), function() local dxscoreboard = getResourceFromName( "dxscoreboard" ) if dxscoreboard then exports.dxscoreboard:scoreboardSetColumnTextFunction( "name", function( name ) return type( name ) == "string" and string.gsub ( name, "#%x%x%x%x%x%x", "" ) or name end ) end end ) (just replace all references to dxscoreboard to the new name if you change the resource name)
  14. Awwu

    Chat commands

    You can actually make that much shorter: function playerToPoint( player, radius, x, y, z ) if isElement( player ) and radius and x and y and z then return getDistanceBetweenPoints3D( x, y, z, getElementPosition( player ) ) <= radius end return false end Though this one makes the check area a sphere shape rather than a cuboid.
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