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    yes, I was aware of that... I haven't asked for the exact same reason What I was trying to point out was everyone wants to stand out in the community lately so they can sort of 'hint' that they want tobe invited.
  2. never works for me, I push the checkmark and hwenever i visit again, I have to keep doing t over and over. Used to work though.
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    The site has gotten so much input from the community ever since the last dev blog update looks like everyone wants to be invited to the beta
  4. ohhh, I thought he meant like when it was 10:00 pm it would be dark, 10:00 am wouldbe dawn, etc.. I havent a clue if this is possible or not
  5. are you talking about the server itself or the players?
  6. if by raving you mean racing and by war you mean deathmatch, it isnt released yet.
  7. sorry, i was speaking specifically of deathmatch. Race is great with names on it. If a similar thing happened to you in deathmatch, it would tell you that they killed you (I think)
  8. i would take this into consideration (even know my opinion doesnt matter) if there wasnt name AND hp. It would be too bulky, i would suggest just having the life on top and if you scroll over their name with your crosshair it shows their name. However, I know many people will disagree with me.
  9. mintsz

    A Question

    MTA in my opinion is going to be better due to better sync's of eveyrthing and much much more features than samp, and samp does have anti cheat, if you run something such as a trainer it will dicconnect you from the server if it detects you using it although most of the time it doesnt.
  10. if this were to happen, I think the best way would be to judge maps in many categories rather than "best map", such as Creativity, and.. well, that's about all I can think of for a category, but you catch my drift.
  11. OR, it could be much simpler, such as entering a car that spawned with a blank license plate and by pushing a button comes a window where you are able to input text which will be displayed on the license plate? Just a guess
  12. its race, not shoot down the car ahead of you. this would lead to many problems as people would get frusterated. the controls could also be hard to use. do you see any racing games today (ie console) that involve shooting? personally I haven't seen one at all, and dont like the idea
  13. except for the fact that there wouldnt be checkpoint or a winner, it'd be like the current maps we have today (derby) with a few extra things.
  14. This is probably the coolest feature i've seen so far, with the interior buildings right behind. THis feature can really add to the uniqueness (is that a word?) of our maps. i'm sure i'm not the only one exited about this! Also, will this be available in race? I like watching fat peole riding bikes
  15. lol, I was thinking it the other way around. also... if you play DM, does that make you retarded?.. meaning everyone that enjoys killing things rather than pretending to be the wizard and oz has mental instabilities? and since when are we all 11? some of us are younger (I haven't seen any but I know they're out there) and most of us are a lot older. The dev's are in adult-hood, and i'm pretty sure they enjoy deathmatch (seeing as their making a deathmatch mod) lil Toady pretty much covered everything else.
  16. yeah. Thats what it says in the blog, at least. So, if this is going to happen.. will there be a point where everyone is allowed to play? Also the part where it stated, "we are close" got me exited
  17. mintsz

    Head shot?

    id ont play sp very often because im still waiting for this.
  18. mintsz

    Head shot?

    i'm not 100% sure about this, but i think the health depletes faster . However, using guns such as the sniper rifle, head shot will probably be a one hit kill. pistols deplete life faster. you get the idea. keep in mind, im not sure about this ..
  19. who the hell says that?
  20. how wouldnt it go well with the fans?
  21. so.. what your saying is, for example, lets drive straight on at that skyscraper! and it will rotate?... it sounds pretty stupid in my opinion, but i could be misunderstanding your post.
  22. sorry for another post, but you seem to have forgotten that we have all had to DOWNGRADE from the retail version... they didn't support modifications for a reason. so, you just got pwnt... by yourself.
  23. I have no cd crack and it works fine... works with everything. (i bought the game but i use the no cd because my brother and I both play simeltaniousley and it is simply easier so I installed hte crack on both computers. (lol pwnt)
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