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    upload speed

    going by the 500 i think u mean i would say 8 yes
  2. jesus man what are the spec of you pc to be running the game that low? I am sorry if you take this the wrong way but can windows XP even run on that?!
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    if I remember VC there was no other mode but DM, some went off of what character you picked for who's team you were on!
  4. Well, we all know that some people go slower then others, we also know that some people just do not know how to fix it. You guys already know that 99% of the time, the reason people will blow by you is because your fps is below the capped 25fps. Step 1: download FRAPS(http://www.fraps.com/) This will record your fps(frames per second) and display them at the top left by default. Step 2: run FRAPS and then open up MTA:SA Step 3: Load into your server of choice(Atleast a server with 3 people so when you start you can get an average measurement) Step 4: At the countdown look at your FPS display, this will be the lowest you will see as you are viewing the most cars at the start of a race. Step 5: Race as you would but keep an eye on your FPS counter. At average speed it should be 25(if it is below 25 then your car is slower then it could be) Once you hit high speed(when you get that lightspeed effect) it will drop to about 22 fps(please correct me if this is off) Step 6: Anyalize. Did your game run slower then described in step 5?(FPS) Step 7: if it did not run slower skip the rest, if it did do as follows: Enter GTA:SA singleplayer and set your details to the lowest you would dare put them without ruining your game experience. Step 8: re-run steps 1-5 and determine if you are up to speed. Step 9: if your game is still runing to slow(people still blowing by you) it is time to upgrade that computer! Step 10: Post any specs on your PC you know. I know some do not have knowledge of what is really in there machine, if this is you try to give any detail you know!(Brand, Model number, etc...) Along with the post of your specs, please address how much you are willing to spend. Also post if you are willing to use online sites to buy items.(newegg.com, tigerdirect.com, etc...) Step 11: Leave any other comments or details of what you hope to have when this process is completed.(I.E. game detail level) I hope this has not been posted before, I did a search and did not find anything like this. I am doing this because I hat to see people in the back going 50mph slower then others, its not fair and some do not know what to do to fix it(in the cheapest way possible!) When helping sum1 who has posted specs, etc. Please state the name of the person you are helping(to avoid confusion). Was this a good idea, sorry to waste your time if this was a bad idea, Just tryin to help!
  5. like the explanation, I am gonna search for an already started topic, but if there is not one I am gonna make a help topic for low fps problems and what they can do to help.
  6. go to advance tab, then click dmz. then enter the 192.168... ip that u see on the mta pc. If that does not work other sullutions will be givin, just try that first.
  7. ya and dont worry about viruses or anything like that, as long as mta is the only thing you are on you will be fine. I do think you should try and find a way to exclude mta from firewall protection so you are 100% safe not 99%
  8. I am gonna take a 100% sure guess and say that when u installed it u did not click either of those two boxes in the list of things to install. Do a reinstall and make sure it is all clicked. read the sticky at the top of page also. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=15192
  9. u set ur router to DMZ not the server, DMZ makes ur PC 100% free of any type of firewall to the internet. I have my router set to this as software firewalls seem to be better anyway. google sumtin like "DMZ my router" or anything that sounds like that for instructions.
  10. the ip of your server is not your router ip. go to: http://www.ipchicken.com enter the number u see when you get there and try and connect to your server. On another note, when I make a dedicated server with the tool that comes with mtasa I can see it... O and you do have a firewall its on your router, you may need to forward ports: http://www.portforward.com if you can just DMZ your router to ur pc(if u have software antivirus/firewall)
  11. so your that guy that always kills me in freeroam just as I get the vehicle I want to use for my stunt?
  12. with the sync that this game has u will not notice unless 250+ the rest is all PC specs. Its always fun to be called a hacker when u blow by people at the start when all the cars are packed together
  13. ugh, do u guys not understand I was just asking why this happend... Anyway, I figured it had something to do with cpu. Thanks whoever sayd that, and to the other guys that were posting random stuff, maybe read the post?...
  14. half of the people that I race with are already slower then me because there FPS is lower then 25, could u imagine if they made it 30? Dont take this the wrong way but a few people with high spec pc's(myself included) would dominate the pack. 25 is fine as I play bf2 on all high at over 70Fps(AA at 4x) so if I can play at 25fps in mta perfectly then so can you.
  15. he just orderd a new video card, and he does not have HT so he cant set the process to cpu 0. really I have noticed this in all the races, some people are just way faster then others. Dont get me wrong I like being one of the fast guys that blow by people on a straight when they r using nos and I am not, but I would like to know what causes this. That is y i was asking for u guys to post ur specs and say itf u were a slow one or a fast one. And dont say "I think..." Post if u know u are faster or slower then other players. Specs guys cmon, to be honest, I think it has something to do with HT because I know people with better gfx cards that are slower then me. SO I think it is either HT or amount of ram.
  16. plz guys dont take this the wrong way, but do u read posts before u answer?
  17. I love the 360 windows pad it works great on all the games! EXCEPT GTASA, u cannot map the triggers to anything so you are left without 2 buttons on your gamepad. thats ok for me now but its gonna suck when I can walk to. Keyboard on foot and gamepad in a vehicle?!
  18. bad reaction time? u must have atleast a 5 second bad reaction time to not see the counter in the middle of the screen and hold down the throttle. and its not reaction time as we were on ventrilo talking to each other. And I said HOLDING DOWN THE THROTTLE
  19. snow8oard101

    speed question

    OK, me and a friend have mine have noticed(pretty quickly) that there are large speed gaps between players. No it is not FPS as it locks at 25 and we moniter that. It is not ping either. So is it hardware in the pc that makes some faster then others? For example 1v1 in a cheetah at start of a race, I blow off the line and leave my friend in the dust. We both hold down the throttle. Another example: I am racing some random guy and boom I blow past him on a straight, and I know he took the turn better then me. If u have the same problem(in my case its cool but needs to be fixed to keep it fair) post ur specs. I would like to know if it is some piece of hardware that causes this. ATI Saphire x850xt(OC'd to PE) 3.06ghz HT intel ABit AG8 motherboard Xbox 360 gamepad(eh could be it) 3.5gb of ram(ddr 400) I dont know what else could cause it.
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