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  1. Xfire Plus custom game support plugin http://xfireplus.com/download.php?view.16 MTA SA custom game plugin http://xfireplus.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?152 i tried it, but the ingame messaging doesn't seem to work for me. it did work before i installed the custom game support, so i removed it for now.
  2. i got this error with 1.1.1 during a map change
  3. sorry, but i have to disagree... all of the maps i play on don't have any Hydras in them, just cars.
  4. more on the invisible cars... i was going through a tunnel at full speed and came to dead stop as if i hit something, turns out its an invisible car where someone was killed. you can still see the body and the blood, but not the car. here is proof of it...
  5. what happened to that page? i was finding it quite useful and better than looking in the vehicles.ide file.
  6. the way it sounds is... 1.0 server must use 1.0 client 1.1 server must use 1.1 client and so on... i think thats how they are making it work
  7. I've actually got it to stay in the system tray by using a program called TrayIt, and it works great that way. I made a shorcut to the server exe, and changed the icon on the shortcut so it has its own icon in the system tray.
  8. Nope, didn't add any mods or anything. there are no d3d9 or d3dx9 dll's. The only thing I did, was install GTA:SA then MTA and thats it. I played MTA for about 2 weeks before this happened. Nothing was added, modded, or installed for GTA/MTA.
  9. i agree also, that would be very much helpful.
  10. useless1

    Map blip mode.

    i really like that idea, just like how in a race map, some checkpoints are different colors.
  11. i just like anything thats newer, even if its in Beta stage.
  12. thinking that the 83.90 drivers may have been the source of the problem. on this hdd, i went back to using the 83.40 drivers that i had been using prior to the 83.90 drivers.
  13. good thing i have second harddrive, i reinstalled windows on it and i am now using it and MTA is working just fine. although why it stopped working on the first harddrive, i still have no idea.
  14. just updated my nvidia drivers a few days ago to the 83.90 Beta drivers.
  15. when i try to run the MTA client, i see the MTA Loading... screen that pops up for a second as usual. after that, i see these errors... i click OK, then i get this one... i click OK on that one also, and thats it. everythis else is normal, no weird noises or anything. my system specs: Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz 1GB PC3200 DDR Ram Sony DRU810A DVDRW Nvidia Geforce 6600GT 128MB PCI-Express Onboard Realtek 8 channel HD audio Windows XP Pro SP2 game is running on a clean install on version 1.00 I live in USA I have been able to run & play MTA for the last 2 weeks without any problems until now.
  16. I get these 2 errors when I run the MTA Client. I see the small Loading... screen for a second, then these appear. gta_sa.exe - Application Error The instruction at "0x83cb2885" referenced memory at "0x83cb2885". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program gta_sa.exe - Application Error The instruction at "0x02264742" referenced memory at "0x02264742". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program I reinstalled MTA, but still get those. GTA starts up and runs just fine, this only happens when I try to use MTA.
  17. for me... it happened in the MTA client, and thats all i use. i left a server for a few minutes, even exited the client. when i went to go back to that server, it started to load that server, but then gave me the Protocol 22 error.
  18. i am getting this error also
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