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  1. Can you share the solution so that any other members can solve it in future ?
  2. Try restart your modem/router & your PC as well
  3. Hello, Try latest build: https://nightly.multitheftauto.com/mtasa-1.5.3-full_rc-11249-20170331.exe Clean install MTA should be considered if not solved same as for GTA SA. Update your OS, drivers, cleanup your PC and close unnecessary processes. Hope this helps.
  4. solidsnake

    Game can't start

    Have you tried to update DirectX , graphics drivers and audio drivers as well ? If not.. then update all of them and restart your PC and try again.
  5. Thanks for reply, I'm trying to enter a command to the console to stop/shutdown resource or server in case of stop responding For example a conflict happened between 2 resources as following: WARNING: Long execution (XXXXXXXX) WARNING: Long execution (XXXXXXXXXXXX) ERROR: XXXXXXXXXXXX/server.lua:xxx: C stack overflow [DUP x6668] ERROR: XXXXXXXXXXXX/server.lua:xxx: C stack overflow [Network] InResultQueue > 200000 msgs. This is due to server overload or script freeze Temporarily suspending incoming sync packets And thus the server frozen and stopped responding and the RAM kept increasing over 15 GB, So killing the process is the only option left. I thought that it will stop when the stack overflow occurred, but unfortunately it kept running.
  6. I know the screen command but I mean through the MTA server itself after launch it by this command "./mta-server -d"
  7. Hello, I have a question when I try to run the server from this command "./mta-server -d" How to detach or show the server console later and attach it after that ?
  8. Can you write the solution so that anyone can solve this issue in the future ?
  9. I'm sure that "netc.dll" file in "MTA" folder is not open source and try to put it as is it and try again. Same goes for "net.dll" file for the MTA server
  10. السلام عليكم الواحد قبل ما يكتب شيء يتأكد ويقرأ زين @</Mr.Tn6eL> , @Wsh3leek نصيف ما قصر فك الباندات لوجه الله مو عشان اي سبب آخر وأشكر @MrSAUD1 على كتابته لهذا الموضوع وأشكر @FaHaD على المنشن ويا @Wsh3leek ترى مافي اي باند يجيك بدون سبب رابط الموضوع : https://www.gta-arabs.com/gt/-/165576-a.html في أمان الله
  11. Try another VPN, and don't ever turn off your AV or Firewall
  12. Try to delete it from your client, maybe its is corrupted so it will be re-downloaded once you join the server again
  13. A. "Syntax Error" from my old Casio calculator Q. What is going on here ?
  14. Review my previous reply's from other threads to solve this:
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