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  1. doesnt seem to be possible but if u try winhide ur able to see more of the start menu but it just flashes over the game. not sure if mta supports this but u could try 'gta_sa_window' it runs it in a window isnted of full screen (not tryed it)
  2. they vote for a new map cos they fall off the side or just die. only thing u can do is find a good server with out idiots who dont have respect for other people or just vote no.
  3. reinstalled, works great now. both mta and gtasa sp works. saved files from pc work as well.
  4. doesnt seem to be anything with the name gta in the preocess list and i have tryed restarting laptop as well. (yes laptop its better than my pc ) i copyed the saved files over from my pc but that shouldnt make it crash shout it? i have tryed clicking new game as well. just crashes. btw, it crashes at about 1cm left of loading if thats any help. reinstalling it now seems to be the only way to fix it
  5. my sp seems to be crashing when i load/start new game. is it mtasa thats making it crash or is it something else? i realy dont want to reinstall the game takes ages.
  6. im not sure what ur getting at but been able to have a team run away and another team go after them like a tdm but in cars would be cool. so say like the team just rob a bank and then they gotta drive away and have like 5min to get away and the other team stops them.
  7. a friend wasnt able to connect last night when i was trying i but some one just said it shows up in ase now so should work. opened the 22126 port for ase
  8. i normaly dont have any problems hosting servers for other games but this 1 has hit a wall... the ports wide open i have tryed setting the server to other ports that i know r open from running servers for other games, but it just wont work. the server is running on ort 22003, i can see the server fine on ase using my local ip. im behind a netgear router. the port is set to (TCP/UDP) r there any other ports that need opening?
  9. SoiL

    speed limit?

    if some ones cheating on ur server then kick/ban them, ur server ur rules screw them, no need for scripts like that.
  10. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 4771302382 looks cool, there mods 72% done
  11. could some one please give me a link to a script to use on a mta for stuff commands like: !in !loc !players and all that also with a admin part where u can spawn stuff (seen it on a server be4) i searched be4 posting and found these: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t= ... torder=asc but no idea how to install/use them? do i just stick the code in 'mtaserver.conf' or something?
  12. when will u be able to go on foot? and how long till the 1st release? is it days or weeks away?
  13. SoiL

    mta server

    will it ever be possible?
  14. SoiL

    mta server

    if i host my own server can i set it so theres people walking around and driving also cops aswell?
  15. do u have a link for 'GTA Tournament ' and sorry for posting in wrong part didnt see the other part of the forum
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