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  1. Fun on 56K!? yeah right! Slow connections mostly do not lag the server, but it isn't fun for other guys who have fast connections and see your opponent warping (or when you play stratagy games and have to wait till the lagger stops lagging). Mostly a high ping and lag is the worst problem for the one who has it. When I play online my ping is: Holland = 30ms Western Europe= 50 to 100ms Eastern Europe= 70 to 150ms America= 150 to 250ms (Eastcoast is better) China/Japan= 250 to 350ms Russia=350 to 1500ms (as I never play game on russian servers but when I download from it 5kb/s is very nice) I have aDSL in holland (XS4ALL) Lag and ping usually effect eachother. On my connection Ping > 400 = LAG for sure. And another thing, when you use 56k your ping is NEVER under 300.
  2. U can get to Shoreside vale through the tunnel, but there is something strange because if u go there u see the other players squashed into a 1mm car. U should try it. U know where other characters are because the radarblip still shows u where they are. btw. If you go back to portland, u will see everything as normal
  3. XP is 900% more stable as win98. All new games work perfectly. Only games that are compatible with win95 or older don't always work. When I had 98 my computer crashed a lot, and now I have XP it almost never crashes. Upgrading to XP is worth the money, really btw. Sweed u are totally right. And not to forget, when games crash and ur system doesn't that means that XP is stable but ur game is not,
  4. Reminds me of old times, playing gta2 multiplayer. Tag gamemode. now THAT was fun. Good ideas here, I am looking forward playing this.
  5. Here drugs are officially illegal, but noone does anything about it... Just like software (I am from holland 2)
  6. It is not the same graphics engine. U don't need such a fast pc as in GTA3 and Vice City looks better, not ONLY the textures I am almost sure you would need to have GTA3 and Vice city to let the GTAWORLD mod work. (I have both ) I hope they would use Vice City as the engine. The executable from Vice city is almost 2x as large as GTA3
  7. I think I know why ps2 gets GTA versions first, because the first develop the gameplay, and when they come to graphics they have an excuse that the ps2 can't handle pretty graphics so they can work on it at the pc version.
  8. Would be S :D :D :D Sweeet!!!!!! Only in Europe the release date is 1 day later 18 days
  9. Because he does the GUI of MTA, I think...
  10. With the 2 pcs of mine GGM works just as good as MTA (both winXP) btw: Redspiketeam meant this image Edit: sorry, but his didn't work at my pc at first, so I downloaded it and converted to JPEG and then hosted it at my site...
  11. A few questions I can answer U only have to press alt+F12 on 1 side I think. I Don't know what happens in version 1.0 but I should go to 1.1 anyway. You have to be at the same hideout to see eachother (or at the same other place). In MTA0.1 and 0.2 u don't see character models. u only see the car move. The only option u have to set is the version and the ip I think. Why the chat mode doesn't work I dunno. I hope I helped ya [email protected]
  12. and it is not the connection, cuz I played via lan (and have DSL)
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