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  1. Love 0.2, but I got 3 questions: 1) Can a server have different clients that have different versions of Vice City, and not crash or mess up? For example, player 1 has Vice City 1.0, and player 2 has Vice City 1.1...will that work okay? 2) Besides the slow loading textures for me, does 1.1 fix any crashes in MTA? I'm using 1.0 right now, because I read the Rockstar site, and it said the patch just fixed certain graphics bugs, but I heard not the slow loading textures? 3) Does MTA:VC work on Windows 98, or Windows ME yet? I have XP but a friend of mine wants to play and he has Windows ME, but I havn't been able to get a hold of him to tell him to try the new patch... THANKS! Neo
  2. Should I uninstall MTA:VC 0.1 and then install 0.2, or can I just install 0.2 over 0.1???? Thanks so much... Also...sorry if this question has been asked, but I'm really hyper right now, because I checked my computer and the game was out!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neo
  3. Now look what you made me do! lol, I got so excited about finding the new thing in the screenshots I didn't bother to look at every other screenshot for comparison! lol Now I feel dumb...the cop stars are in every one of the screenshots! lol /sigh So, I'm guessing the ping time window is the new thing? =) Am I right this time? lol Neo
  4. I'm surprised I haven't seen a post on this yet! I looked all over the boards, and couldn't find anything about it. Anyway, if you look at the new screen shots, the 'new' thing that the Devs put in were the stars that track your wanted rating. I'm a smart cookie, aren't I? =) So, now that people know this, how does the cop code work? Thanks! Neo
  5. Okay, I think you might of got me all wrong... Yes it would be cool to COMBINE the 2 cities. BUT! I think my true real point I'm trying to make is about the Graphics. My friend keeps telling me how much better Vice City's Graphics are than normal GTA3. I just thought it might be cool to have multiplayer with motor cycles helicopters and cooler graphics...I dunno what you guys can do with it tho. Uhh, but at least ALWAYS keep working on this mod ya got going here...and then test some GTAW and Vice City stuff now and then. I guess multiplayer will make this one a lot more fun anyway
  6. I don't have Vice City for PC yet, but a very good friend of mine, says that if you guys put GTA3s maps and stuff into the Vice City 'system'...the game will look a LOT better. He said that Vice City is SO much more 'rounded off' in terms of grahpics....like they look a lot better... I'm not saying you guys should RUSH into this, but it would be nice for the GTAW thing to be for Vice City with their kickass graphics...instead of just GTA3.... You guys gotta find a way so no one gets left out...so the games are interchangable...and stuff like that Thanks for reading... *hopes for the team to understand my ideas*
  7. Just was looking at the screenshot that we were give again...and...well... Do you think that the blood spatter would be syncronized? lol If it isn't...then one day...when the mod is basically completly finished and out of entire beta versions...be like MTA v5 or something....and you guys might possibly be bored...try making the blood spatter synced Thanks again for all of your work
  8. Great great great job! Glad to hear mod is almost done! To fix the weapon problem, how bout doing some copy and pasting, about 10 times or something for all weapons? Am I on the right track here? If you can't fix the weapon problem atm...its okay....one gun will do just fine to waste someone.....sniff....sniff......MY ROCKET LAUNCHER NOOOO....sniff..sniff...lol... Anyway, how does GTAW work? I'll probably be buying VC for PC soon, but does GTAW take VC and GTA full game legit versions, and thats what makes it work? I'll have both legit versions anywayz, tho... Thanks
  9. I enjoyed the fact that MTA lets you do missions with your friends, because the game just thinks its single player, but with sending data over a network(right?). I REALLY hope that MTA 0.3 and later versions won't take away the feature of having EVERYTHING EXACTLY THE SAME as single player, but just with some multiplayer syncing. I'm not saying to sync every car in the game, but at least whats on a players screen(I think the team is doing that already)...so far...so good...at least it looks pretty good...I just REALLY don't want this game to just be like a multiplayer MODE, I wan't it to just be like GTA 3...keep repeating myself aren't I?
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