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    The_GTA is taking a break because of social situations. No news right now, but will surely bump this topic as soon there is some.
  2. It's an MTA resource. Therefore, it only works with MTA.
  3. Pictures are outdated anyway, watch the videos.
  4. I would like to hear what kind of problems. Been an XAMPP user for years now, and I've never had trouble with it. I did with WAMP. Could've been that WAMP distributed a messed up Apache config, but I always had a moment where pages just would not load at all for several minutes and several other issues like crashes, or WAMP being unable to detect if Apache/MySQL was running. Never had a problem with XAMPP. However, WAMP is in fact less bloated. That's nice. I merely use any of the unique features XAMPP offers. Although XAMPP makes the job easy if you do need something like FTP. If you want something REALLY lightweight, The Uniform Server might be interesting. Some other alternative for is EasyPHP. Might be worth a look aswell if XAMPP doesn't work out.
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    Jaysds1, stop making posts containing the word "maybe". Either be sure about what you're saying or back off. I'm not the one who should be saying this, but it startles me. Quoting EIR's latest revision, r6296: That is only one revision old. The trunk contains everything 1.4 would have. So, yes, this means that EIR does offer all functionality that 1.4 has.
  6. I did not say creating a GUI with GUIEditor is bad practice. In fact, it's a great tool. Thing is, showing off some GUIEditor code is not something you should be proud of. That's just way too simple and doesn't really require real coding knowledge. You clearly overestimate yourself, what you've shown off so far is so basic it's by far not worth to pay you. Also you said creating a GUI without GUIEditor is impossible. It isn't. Many great GUIs have been created without GUIeditor because all that would require is some very simple calculations to position things correctly. Listen mate, you just dont have the knowledge for what you're asking for. That's all we're trying to tell you. Stop defending yourself, it won't help. @turret001 above: hue, I see what you did there
  7. GUIEditor = { label = {}, window = {} } 'nuff said. Also they are not hating. They have constructive criticism. And you should see that as feedback to improve yourself. If you start bitching against them while they are in fact telling the truth you might look at yourself instead. You see, your code IS in fact faulty. For example lines 1 to 4 are utterly useless. This proofs your code is directly taken from the GUIEditor resource and you only changed some variable names. We know how the GUIEditor resource works, don't act like you haven't used it. Besides, take a look at line 13. "mensaje" is undefined causing guiSetFont to throw a warning or error. So this quote: is as false as it could be. I'm sorry to disappoint you like this but you have to understand that you simply can't ask money for your level of experience. That's just ripping off people. Again, take this as feedback to improve upon yourself. I'm not being a hater here, just pointing out some facts you have to know about.
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    Green Candy

    Some amazing pictures of Eir of a test we did yesterday: Entire map rendered at day. Entire map rendered at night. Too bad this turdish forum software won't downscale the images when I simply place them here. We did this by applying a VERY high draw distance, 200 thousand units to be exact. This is the awesome result. As you can see theres still a small issue rendering the fake sea, but this is to be fixed very soon. Nonetheless, the result is stunning
  9. This is funny. Long ago there was a topic on the SA-MP forums about a new version. A small debate started there, about how awesome those new features where. I left a small opinion about what I thought of these new features in the kindest manner possible, where I told I wasn't really under the impression of 2 new features after a year of development and couldn't see why people were so happy with it while MTA had those features for ages (which is probably why SA-MP got it too as Kye most likely licks the source code of MTA..). Still wasn't appreciated, got banned and was told to fuck off to MTA. Yes, fuck off is what they said. I also remember a mapper active on the SA-MP forums. I believe his name was xSATANx or something like that. He made a bunch of epic maps, and showed them on the SA-MP forums. He placed a download but had one note on that: SA-MP didn't support the map really well, sometimes objects weren't loading or the game crashed. Alongside with that, he said that this problem did not occur in MTA's Map Editor. That was enough for the SA-MP administration team to get him banned. Now look at this topic. We are debating about MTA and SA-MP directly, which is much more hateful than any topic on the SA-MP form has to be to get banned. Have we taken any action against you? No we haven't. You can't tell me SA-MP's administration team is better. I dare you, I double dare you to start a topic on the SA-MP forums for a SA-MP vs MTA debate where you say MTA is better. Let's see how long it takes to get you banned.
  10. Author of Hedit here. The background is an empty gridlist, disabled. Drawn over that is a large label consisting of underscores, creating the white line. This is also a disabled GUI element. Drawn on top of that is the header text. So you'd want something like the following: local lineStr = string.repeat("_", 50) local grid = guiCreateGridList([...]) local line = guiCreateLabel([...], lineStr, [...]) local title = guiCreateLabel([...], "Hello there", [...]) guiSetEnabled(grid, false) guiSetEnabled(line, false) Arguments are to be filled in by you. You may aswell use guiMoveToBack or guiBringToFront if the ordering of the elements don't appear the way you wanted. Good luck.
  11. I chose to not replace special characters as these were if I remember correct not fully supported by MTA. I can't say if this is still the case, you'll have to get in contact with someone who does know. I advice you to join #mta on IRC and ask someone there how the support is with replacing special characters. If it's not recommended to replace a special skin, the best you can do is pick another model that is in the default list I have provided.
  12. And you call yourself "The Best"? Seriously, change that. This is one of the most useless feature requests I've seen lately.
  13. How can you possible say such a thing. Why the actual FUCK would you not learn anything from the authors of Lua? And how does MTA only use "very basic of lua"? Your statements are from an impossible level of stupidness. And why would you learn C++ before learning Lua? I really.. I have no words for this. Please do us a favor and never come back on this forum. Take my advice and find another hobby that's not related to coding.
  14. Why dig in gta3.img? Don't make people do it the hard way when there's an easy way. Just look in the data.lua file. It's easy: Data is formatted in a "filename = modelID" format. Just lookup the skin ID you want to replace, the filenames you need are in front of the ID. For example you want to replace the skin with model ID 9. You will find "bfori = 9" in data.lua. "bfori" will be the name of your files, so bfori.txd and bfori.dff.
  15. No. MTA offers no functionality for vehicle.ide modifications. I was planning to support both in the next version. Maybe I should find some time and work on it again.. This guy does not mention paintjobs though. His skins had a TXD and DFF. Paintjobs do certainly not have a DFF.
  16. Unzip the resource. What are your filenames?
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