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69 Days Later - Introduction


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Well, in case people don't get the set-up the sailor's story is just them waiting for the delivery and then hearing an explosion. The Mexicans plan their attack, talk a little and then you see them with their ambush and the story stops when you see the truck on fire. And the army story, my favourite, shows the full army story and the big-arse explosion at the end - It's pretty much all going on at the same time.

The next story will start with a narration from special guest Pandazoot, who's desperately trying to get VC to install properly so he too can play MTA heh. Anyway, after that it'll cut to the main part of the story...I won't reveal too much. But that zombie-chainsaw-wielding maniac at the end of this intro will be involved too... :twisted:

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I bleedin' hope to get it done by then, I've barely started the next episode and since it's all done on MTA, you have to get everything right - what time of day it is, which ped skins you're stuck with, what weapons the bad guys have, hoping that no n00bs will interrupt during filming. It really IS a challenge doing this on MTA - but so far so good :D

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y dont u set up yr own server with yr own scripts(jax and oli scripts) so that u can determine the time and day and not have the interruption of people attacking u while filming or getting in the way or ask a clan 2 use their private server or sumthin with a starring role. :wink:

cool film like it alot and the mexicans say 'man' not 'mang', it just sounds like it. 8)

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Well, Mxyzptlk was the dialogue and he said some Mexican guy always said it like "mang" instead of "man". I dunno, I'll ask him who it was later and such.

I tried creating my own server, password-protected too - some bastard still got in and ruined things. I WAS planning on asking if the VCES guys wanted in on this though. The army story, the bridge part - took 3 whole days to do thanks to interuptions and waiting for right time and weather. Anyways, don't you have to pay for your own server and scripts and such? I'm still a bit of a newbie at MTA keep in mind :wink:

EDIT: I'd be willing to ask any 'clan' if they'd want to be in on this project - I'll need a lot of extras anyway. Who's up for it? Lemme know!

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